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Tara Emad Reveals Her Summer and Beauty Essentials


Having recently wrapped up two hotly-anticipated movies, Diamond Dust and Al Kuwaisin, set to hit screens on Eid, former Vogue Arabia cover star Tara Emad is enjoying her summer to its fullest extent. And in the Cairo-based star’s case, this means cycling around her mother’s native Montenegro and striking yoga poses against the Egyptian sunset. Below, Vogue Arabia asked Emad to spill some traveling tips, her favorite holiday memories, and in-flight beauty essentials.

What are your favorite holiday destinations?
I love being by the sea and my favorite beaches are in Egypt. However, I love spending a part of my summer in hiking in Montenegro.

What are the three beauty products you always pack?
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balm, Susanne Kaufmann Moisturizing Spray Harmonizing, and the Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer.

What else do you always take in your suitcase?
I always pack a jacket, a dress, and sneakers. I like to be ready for whatever weather or activity that might pop up.

What are your in-flight beauty essentials?
Drinking plenty of water is my number one essential. Also, moisturizing my face and hands.


What do you wear for traveling?
I always travel in either leggings or sweatpants. Comfort is a priority for me.

What outfits will you be packing for summer vacations?
Dresses! I love dresses.

What are your top tips for dressing in the heat?
Wear cotton and linen. Avoid synthetic clothes and tight jeans.


What books will you be reading this summer?
I’m currently reading a phenomenal book called “The Eight” by Catherine Neville.

What music will you be listening to this summer?
Disco Misr are my favorite this summer.

What has been your favorite ever holiday?
Last year, when I spent 40 days straight in Europe, road tripping, going to music festivals, hiking, zip lining, and cycling.

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