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Tammin Sursok: “Young Girls Need to Focus on Inner Beauty”

Tammin Sursok courtesy of Zero Makeup

Tammin Sursok hardly needs an introduction. The South African-born, Australian-raised beauty shot to fame in the hit teen mystery television series Pretty Little Liars, where she plays Jenna Marshall, the series most recurring antagonist. After a successful seven seasons, the show recently wrapped up and the star already has her sights set on other endeavors. Enter, Zero Makeup, a newly-launched innovative makeup brand founded by Nabila, a renowned makeup artist from Pakistan with over three decades of face-painting experience. The brand, which recently launched at Bloomingdale’s in the Dubai Mall, has selected the Pretty Little Liars star to be its first ever global ambassador. Here, Sursok gets real about being the global ambassador of Zero Makeup, her biggest beauty mishaps, and why “Instagram makeup” isn’t real.

On Zero Makeup
“I met Nabila, the brand founder through mutual friends and we immediately clicked. We had the same values and moral ethics, and I really believed in the brand’s message that we should be teaching young girls to focus on their inner beauty and that more isn’t always more. I also love that the products are cruelty-free and don’t test on animals. It really speaks to me and everything I stand for, especially being a mother to a young daughter.”

Tammin Sursok courtesy of Zero Makeup

On Her Favorite Zero Makeup Products
“I love The Pearl shade of the All-in-One Face Perfecting Palette. It’s a stunning shade that comes in a compartmental case and minimizes your entire beauty routine. I can apply it on my eyes as eyeshadow, cheeks as blush, and even to give my lips some color. My makeup routine is very unfussy, I’d rather spend time with my daughter than spend two hours on my makeup.”

On Skincare
“A good cleanser is imperative. I use the Tata Harper Cleanser. To further prevent breakouts, and I truly believe that problem skin is caused by internal factors such as stress and hormones, I make sure that in addition to my skincare regime, I eat healthy, exercise, and drink lots of water.”

Tammin Sursok courtesy of Zero Makeup

On Her Biggest Beauty Mishap
“Not doing my eyebrows. I look back at old pictures, and just think ‘why?'”

On Social Media Makeup
“It sounds cliché, but less really is more. When you’re younger, you always think that the more makeup you wear, the more beautiful you are. It’s not the case. We need to open up the conversation that this makeup we see on Instagram, it’s not a realistic display of beauty. I’d love to see more imperfections on social media— more blemishes and more scars. I think it’s these ‘flaws’ that make a person beautiful.”

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