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33 Cool Summer Ombré Nails to Try This Season

If the warmer weather is getting you in the mood to try something new, summer ombré nails are here to shake things up. A change-up from a single shade, ombré nails are a soft gradient of colors—either multiple colors or differing shades of a single color. The result? A manicure that perfectly fills the gap between a run-of-the-mill polish job and full-blown nail art, perfect for hot summer days.

The best part? It’s pretty easy to DIY at home if you don’t want to head to the salon. For the most basic take on ombré nails, all you need is a disposable makeup sponge—the wedge-shaped ones work best—and your gradient of polishes (or one shade mixed with varying degrees of white). Create a gradient on the sponge, overlapping each color slightly, and work lightest to darkest to avoid blending the colors. Then carefully press the sponge on your nail like a stamp, and repeat for each finger.

Of course, that’s just the style in its most basic form. Below, we rounded up the coolest takes on ombré, from bright neon to cartoon clouds. Scroll on for the best summer ombré nails to try, and get ready to screenshot.

Pastel Ombré

A gradation of pastel shades is as refreshing as a bowl of rainbow sherbet. A matte topcoat only ups the cool factor.

Cloudy Ombré

Ombré makes the perfect backdrop for cute cloud nails. This bright sunset situation feels particularly summery, but this would also look great with classic sky blue.

Hot Pink Ombré

Pink is an ideal shade to ombré, since the contrast between pastel baby pink and Pepto pink is so drastic.

Ombré Tips 

For a less literal take on ombré nails, try a different gradient of the same shade on each finger. For even more spice, go with a French nail design instead of a standard mani.

Pink Ombré

These pink ombré nails couldn’t be cuter. Try Essie Gel Couture polishes in Haute to Trot and Sunset Soiree for the perfect summer nails.

Mixed Ombré

Take the multicolored nail trend one step further by making each nail a different color ombré.

Gold Glitter 

A gold glitter ombré tip will be the talk of any summer party on your list. It looks fancy, but it’s so easy to do with the sponge trick and a good polish.

Ombré Tips 

What do you get when you mix two trendy styles like ombré and French tips? The coolest mani around. If you’re going to DIY this one, use the sponge hack only on the tips of your nails. Keeping the edges a little imperfect actually adds to the coolness of this look.

Mix and Match 

Keep everyone guessing with this cool mixed mani. Ombré a few nails, and then use the other two shades at random for the coolest effect.

Rainbow Pastels 

If you’re worried about attempting ombré nails at home, keep it simple to start. Use only two shades on each finger for an easy ombré.

Classic Red 

Give a classic cherry red manicure a cool upgrade by subtly gradating to a deeper red in the corners of your nails. A super-shiny topcoat like Seche Vite makes it look so glassy and expensive.

Sea Glass Ombré Nails 

Even if you can’t make it to the beach this summer, this cool transparent set feels like a vacation.

Lilac Shimmer 

Not only is this purple shimmer fade pretty, but glitter is so forgiving when it comes to art like this.

Cotton Candy Ombré

Channel a day at the fair with this sweet nails. To make the pastel shades pop even more, start with a base coat of white polish before going in with your ombré.

Pink Blend 

Tone down a classic hot pink by blending it with a deep berry shade. Doing an ombré from left to right instead of top to bottom is another cool twist.

Barbie Ombrè

These ombré coffin nails in a hot pink gradient scream summer to us. While this look is best achieved in the salon, you could also use a hot pink polish like Nailtopia’s Birds of Paradise on a set of nude press-ons for a similar effect.

Orange Dreamsicle 

This soft peachy ombré situation is so pretty for hot summer days.

Slime Ombré

These slime green ombré acrylic nails seem tailor-made for Billie Eilish, no?

Glitter Ombré Nails 

Top a classic ombré with some chunky glitter (try Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Confetti Craze) for an extra-festive look. This especially pops against some bright summer nail colors.

Neon Tips 

A softly blended neon tip into a creamy nude is so cool and perfect for summer. and

Half and Half 

Keep the ombré to just your middle finger for a unique take on the trend. Then paint both nails on either side to match the ombré split.

Neutral Ombré

A shade of brown on each nail is a sophisticated twist on mix and match nails.

Opal Ombré

For a subtle take on ombré, use an iridescent shimmer to create the gradient. Start with a nude polish as a base, and then apply your shimmer, concentrating the sparkle at the tip for that ombré effect.

Gold Stars 

To make an ombré out of glitter, concentrate the application at your cuticles. Using a chunky or shaped glitter like Nails Inc. Star Spotting in Soho is best, since you can really see the gradation.

Bright Green 

Neon greens and blues look almost soft when they’re blurred into each other. A matte topcoat helps amp up that hazy effect.

Sunset Ombré

A gradient from hot red to bright orange feels like summer in a manicure.

Bright Skittles Nails 

Ombré your whole hand by making a gradient with each nail. This works with any shades you have on hand, but we particularly love it with these bright shades.

Split Ombré

Paint your first two nails one shade, and your pinkie nail another. Ombré both shades on your middle fingers to marry the shades.

Glitter Tips 

Top off a pretty gradient manicure with some extra-fine glitter tips for a little razzle-dazzle.

Red French Tips 

For an edgier take on gradient tips, use deep red shades and stick with a cool coffin tip.

Glitter Sprinkle 

Gold and nude is such a classic combo for a pretty mani. Mix things up by combining a glitter ombré, whole glitter nails, and golden tips. and

Pretty Pastels 

A horizontal gradient of soft pastel shades is so pretty, no matter the season.

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