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The 5 Hottest Summer Nail Trends, According to Your Google Searches

Here’s a breakdown of the hottest summer nail trends, what they are, how to wear them, and visual inspiration to inform your next trip to your nail technician.

summer nail trends


Social media has its downsides, but it’s also a treasure trove of inspiration. When it comes to our nails, there seems to be a new manicure trend every week, whether baby boomer, butter, or blueberry milk. Rather than being overwhelming, this smorgasbord of colors, designs, and techniques is guaranteed to throw up options that work for every individual aesthetic, making finding what you’re after that much more fun.

Each social media trend brings with it a tidal wave of Google searches, and below are the summer nail trends that have seen an uptick in interest over the last few months. So here’s a breakdown of what they are, how to wear them, and visual inspiration to inform your next trip to your nail technician. Enjoy.

5 summer nail trends to try

Bubble bath nails

What they are:

A pink-toned neutral, bubble bath nails are full-coverage but have a cloudy finish. Super versatile, they’re the definition of the clean girl aesthetic.

How to wear them:

On round or square-shaped nails. For a look like this, it’s key to ensure your cuticles and hands are looking moisturized and well tended to.

Butterfly nails


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What they are:

Hailing from the Noughties, the butterfly manicure features the winged insect motif in some form across the nails.

How to wear them:

If you’re a Y2K fanatic, opt for bright colors and glitter as per the era when butterflies became an outfit winner. If you’re after a subtler take, opt for a smaller butterfly silhouette on nude, sheer nails.

French tips with design


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What they are:

While it’s a broad search term, the classic French tip has been adapted in myriad ways for modern manicure devotees. Whether chunky or micro, colorful or creamy white (as is traditional), the fun of the French tip is that it can pretty much be worn in any way you like.

How to wear them:

One of the coolest ways to wear the French right now is with a double-lined tip. Play with color, thickness, and nail shape to find the right look for you.

Tulip nails

What they are:

If you’re a UK-based supermarket girlie, chances are you pick up a bunch or two of tulips with your weekly shop – so naturally, they’ve made their way onto our nails too.

How to wear them:

Many wear them blossoming from the tip downwards, while others incorporate them into a wider floral nail design. Either way, they’re a cute way to tap into the great outdoors.

Cloud nail design

What they are:

Blue sky thinking for your fingernails – little painted clouds have become super popular, both with those who prefer a clean appearance and fans of a more dramatic look.

How to wear them:

Opt for chunky French tips made up of cottony clouds.

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