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Why are Stem Cell Facials So Effective for Anti-Aging?

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Ever considered using stem cells in your beauty routine? It may sound intimidating, but as a concentrated skincare ingredient, stem cell-based beauty has gained prominence as a way to boost the body’s ability to heal a number of complexion imperfections. A quick refresher from high school science class: stem cells are the original cells from which the rest of the body’s cells with specialized functions are produced from. Stem cells are the only cells in the body which can divide and generate new cell types, and are used in medical research to help treat Alzheimer’s patients.  As a skin care ingredient, stem cells can nourish the dermis with proteins, peptides and amino acids, promoting cell turnover and the production of healthy new skin cells.


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Skin Laundry, a facials-focused clinic with locations in Dubai and Kuwait, has introduced its Skin Cells Infusion Treatment, which makes use of this bio-technology. The facial exclusively uses products from AnteAge MD, a California cosmeceutical group focused on stem cell-based skincare. While most on-counter stem cell-containing skincare products use plant stem cells, at Skin Laundry, the AnteAge MD formulas contain human stem cells, ethically sourced from healthy adult donors. Known as mesenchymal stem cells, these bone marrow stem cells have been identified as the body’s most versatile and effective cell types, and can be manipulated to also reproduce new dermal cells like collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts. Mesenchymal stem cells are also flush with biosignals, known as cytokines, which initiate cell self-healing – an element our bodies naturally lose as we age. After being sourced from the living bone marrow samples, the mesenchymal stem cells are cultivated in a laboratory setting before the cytokines are harvested as an extract with the remaining cell waste discarded. The ultrafiltered extract is fortified with two growth factor actives, plus antioxidants and skin-supporting proteins, to create a biogenic skincare concentrate.

Skin Cells Infusion Treatment. Image: courtesy of Skin Laundry.

For the 20-minute Skin Cells Infusion Treatment, Skin Laundry utilizes AnteAge MD’s Microneedling Solution, which contains the cytokines extract, vitamins C and E, plus a hydration-attracting hyaluronic acid base. The essence-like product is rolled on after a microneedling session, which uses teeny, automated needles to prick the skin. The micro-wounds created trigger the body’s healing process, boosting the generation of new collagen, and turning over older, damaged cells for a fresh dermal layer. While microneedling is usually recommended for smoother, brighter skin, and to treat mild scarring, large pores, and acne marks, the addition of the potent stem cell solution amps up the skin’s ability to self-repair, and naturally increases collagen volume and skin firmness. With minimal downtime – you may be slightly red for the rest of the day – this intriguing treatment is both backed by science and the visible results that you can see for yourself.

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