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This Ab-Revealing Beach Club Class May Be the Most Fun Way To Build Your Core Strength

Image: Courtesy Super SUP Fit

Looking for a little variation in your fitness routine? Grab an oversized board and try your best to keep your balance during a core-burning stand-up paddle boarding class, otherwise known as SUP. Taught and run by Sophie Malpass, Dubai’s Super SUP Fit classes are a fun challenge for those looking to up their fitness, while taking advantage of the last of the UAE’s mild winter weather. Taking place in some of Dubai’s best looking beach clubs and pools, the Super SUP schedule includes high energy HIIT, and gentle yoga and toning Pilates classes. Malpass explains how to get the most from your new favorite workout.

Image: courtesy Super SUP Fit

Why is SUP such a good workout?

The constant wobble means your body is articulating the smaller and larger muscle groups in order to stay balanced. So your muscles are constantly stabilizing and working. Plus the exercises, coordination and ultimate core control means this workout is a total mind, body, and soul rejuvenation unlike anything you’ve tried before.

Which muscles will feel the burn?

With the wobble of the board it demands constant balance and engagement from the small muscle groups as well as the larger muscle groups working as a team. Anywhere from the tiny stabilization muscles around your knees, ankles and shoulders to your thighs, glutes and especially core are all fired up and working together to perform even the simplest of movements.

Image: courtesy Super SUP Fit

Who should I try SUP?

It is a fantastic workout for both men and women. Anyone of any ability is welcome to try as we give modifications throughout. It is popular for women as it is quite a core focused workout—you can do it with your friends in the sunshine and you’re in Dubai’s most picturesque locations, but it is amazing and super splashy, fun and different for men to try as well. It is about challenging your brain synapses, motor neurons, balance, coordination, and muscles as well as fitness so it is a universal workout.

What physical results can we expect from SUP classes?

Physically, SUP will tone, strengthen and bring more awareness to the whole body. With the wobble of the board the small and larger muscle groups are utilized especially legs and core, however mentally I think the results happen too. Imagine, you have the glorious morning sunshine, vitamin D, permission to splash and be around water, happy tunes, and fun and adventurous exercises. My passion and my real drive with my business is to encourage that fitness should be fun and with a sense of play. A special, personal and a memorable experience for all. I always encourage my clients to really breathe, smile and to let go and have fun for that one hour. Forget deadlines, feel like a kid again. And I really do believe they go into their day feeling more positive and sparkly.

Image: courtesy Super SUP Fit

Will this give us washboard abs?

With the constant firing up of the small and large muscle groups to keep you balanced, I have had many clients and myself the day after saying how much they can now feel their core! Also, variation is key to results and as this is such a unique way of challenging your body, the core is forced to work harder than on land.

What kinds of SUP exercise classes are there?

At Super SUP Fit we offer two bespoke classes. One is the high intensity interval training (HIIT) which is super fun, splashy and popular, or the more calm and gentle yoga and Pilates-inspired class in the morning or at sunset.

What kinds of movements would a class attendee expect?

For the HIIT, expect jump squats, wobble runs, jump turns, planks and of course the dreaded burpees, all with a huge sense of fun. In the yoga and Pilates-inspired class, expect breathing, yoga flows, toning, pulsing and balancing with relaxation, and deep stretching at the end. It truly is the best way to wake up and start your day.

Visit the Super SUP Fit site for the full schedule and availability.

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