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How to Incorporate Sound Bath Healing into Your Wellness Routine

Sound healing

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For many, the current climate right now is overwhelming. With this in mind, it’s never been more important to look after your mental health. The world of wellness is here to help and with it sound bath healing. A relaxation technique that offers a meditative experience, Los Angeles based wellness coach Sunshine Shen shares her knowledge.

How can you set up your own sound bath at home?

Anyone can set up a sound bath at home, and I would definitely recommend doing one to create a calm and serene environment. Quality crystal or sound bowls are a must when you’re preparing for a proper sound healing session. I’d also recommend using a tongue steel drum, and there are many affordable options available. Along with these, practitioners also like to include instruments such as ocean sprays and rain sticks that are tuned to the 432 HZ sound frequency.

How exactly can you do it? What will you need?

Instruments such as the crystal and sound bowls are essential, as well as your preferred gong, as healers believe that your specific calling to sound healing is based upon which gong you are the most drawn to during the initial phase. There are many affordable options for all of these materials. We also like to set up the space with pillows, comfortable blankets and carpets, and props such as organic rose sparys and white candles to set the mood of the room.

What is the process of a sound bath? How does it go, how exactly do you do one?

Every session is different, depending upon the sound healer. We usually like to start with cleansing the energy of the room, and then opening up the session with soft crystal bowls, followed by our gong, and then from there, we repeat the bowls and gongs two more times, but each time, we play a little bit louder than before. In between each set of bowls and gongs, we alternate between instruments such as rain sticks, ocean drums, or Koshi chimes. All in all, each proper sound healing session should take anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours.

What are the benefits of sound bath healing?

Sound healing can be used to tune your body back to its happy and healthy 432 HZ vibrations. Our frequencies can be disrupted by minor daily stresses, and even environmental pollution, so it’s important that we reconnect with ourselves and center ourselves to have a clear mind. Sound baths have also been known to heal people who could not otherwise be healed by traditional medicine, proving that holistic health can truly be life-saving.

Sound Healing

Sunshine Shen. Courtesy of Nadi Moss

How does doing sound baths improve your mental wellness?

It clears up the fog and anxieties in your mind and heart, so that way you can remain your most authentic self on the highest vibrational level. It has helped me in my journey to become a self-realization guru, and enlightening others to embrace spirituality to become the best versions of themselves.

What was the process like for you to get certified in sound healing?

It was such an amazing time to connect with other healers and experience the process at a spiritual level, with so many like-minded individuals. I was really touched by the friendships we all formed in such a short period of time. Throughout the process, I also felt very in touch with myself and felt comfortable being vulnerable and surrendering to what will be. Having a spiritual awakening really changed my life, and grounded me in something greater than myself. Sound healing really can change lives and make you feel at ease in all areas of your life.

What do you foresee being the next big wellness trends for 2020?

I think the world will continue to open its mind about spiritual healing work, which would eventually even compete with physical workouts, as people come to a realization that what is happening within us is a direct reflection of our exteriors, and what is happening around us. Having spiritual health reflects a beautiful glow and a happy state of being. Mental health is extremely important and given everything happening right now, I believe people will continue to embrace all types of holistic wellness mechanisms.

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