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How To Recreate Siren Eyes, the Sultry Makeup Trend Bella Hadid Swears By


Thanks to TikTok, we’re now firmly fixed for our summer hair looks (hello, easy slicked-back hairstyle), and though we like to go more minimal with our makeup in the sun, there is one trend that is doing the rounds on the video platform that we just couldn’t ignore. Introducing: Siren eyes.

So far, the hashtag #SirenEyes has received over 138.6 million views on TikTok and searches for the sultry makeup look have increased by 5,000% in the last month. In short, get on the siren eyes trend now or be left far, far behind.

But what exactly are Siren eyes? Well, the term refers to the Greek mythological creature, the Siren, the legend is that the creature was a dangerous, feminine creature that lures nearby sailors and ships with enchanting music and singing, very similar to mermaids in mythical history.

The act of doing the siren eyes at a romantic interest is meant to trigger a part in the brain that makes them think of pleasure and therefore draws them to you without them even knowing why. Translated into makeup, siren eyes are all about elongating the eye and giving it a lifted, sweeping effect, creating a heavy, sultry feel that seems to soften the gaze without you having to do a thing.

Notably, there are many famous stars who are said to have siren eyes or do their makeup in a way to mimic the desired elongated look such as Marilyn Monroe, Maddy Perez, Megan Fox, and Bella Hadid.

Though there are thousands of siren eye tutorial videos online, one creator whose own upload is garnering great attention is makeup artist @daniellemarcan, whose video on the makeup look has received almost 5 million views and endless comments. “That is lowkey one of the best tutorials ever,” one fan wrote, while another added: “ERMMM I need to recreate this… LOVE.”

In the video, Danielle shows you how she transforms her “dull eyes” into a “seductive” frame for her face, using an eyeliner pencil to create the beginnings of cat eye before bringing the marker up and over the crease in her eyelid. And the final result? Irresistible.


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So, how do you do siren eyes?

“The siren eyes trend can be achieved more easily depending on the shape of your eye. Almond eyes are the closest to this desired eye shape, but this look can be executed with any eye shape. However, it is easy to achieve this look through the power of makeup.” Lindi Bester, founder of Kohl Makeup, tells GLAMOUR.

“The trend is a beautiful and creative way of doing eyeliner, as it gives any eye shape a more sultry look and creates a feline look. The way that users are doing this to emulate a more sensual eye is to do a more elevated version of the fox eye, using multiple lines to elongate your eye and a lot of eye shadow,” she adds.

Exactly how to create the siren eyes makeup look:

1. Use a black pencil liner to draw a line from the outer corner of your eye and stop just above your crease.

2. Connect the line to your lashes creating a black wing

3. Connect the end of your wing to the crease by drawing a line across your upper eyelid

4. Use the black eyeliner on your upper waterline

5. Fill in your bottom lashes with the black liner drawing half a line towards your outer corner

6. Connect this line to your wing

7. Take a pencil brush and start to blend the pencil

8. Go over your line with black eyeshadow

9. Keep the inner corner of your eye empty and place a subtle glitter or highlight on there if you choose to

Not convinced yet? Here’s some more inspiration


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