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Simone Ashley on Bridgerton Beauty, Banyas, and Her Exercise of Choice

Bridgerton’s Simone Ashley speaks to Vogue from Cannes about all the joys of beauty.

Simone Ashley shot to fame as Bridgerton season two’s leading lady, Kate Sharma. Now, she adds the role of L’Oréal Paris’s new spokesperson to her CV (she manifested it, naturally). Here, she speaks to Vogue about SPF, how she keeps her hair glossy, and what’s always in her beach bag.

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Simone Ashley on Bridgerton style

I love dressing up for Bridgerton. The show has been a very special experience in my life and it’s a job where I get to go to work and wear the most beautiful couture. It’s an honor to wear our costume designer, tailor, and seamstresses’ work. You step out feeling like a princess. The hair and makeup as well… Farida [Ghwedar] does my wigs for Bridgerton and they’re just so beautiful. This season there are lots of floral and different Indian elements integrated, which is nice.

Simone Ashley on the beauty tip she has learned on set

Stay hydrated! You work long days with all the wigs, costumes, and makeup, so staying hydrated is key. I also like to steam my face at the end of the day—it’s a good way to clear the skin out.

Simone Ashley on her ultimate summer beauty look

In the summer, I tend to wear little or no makeup—I guess I use the sun as a form of makeup! Having said that, it’s really important to protect your skin from the sun. I love using L’Oréal’s Bright Reveal SPF 50—it leaves no white cast, it’s really light and not oily, and it works really well under makeup. So if there’s an event or something that I want to go to, I can wear it under makeup, but also day to day, too. After Cannes, I’m going to take a break where there will, hopefully, be lots of sun and I’ll definitely pack my SPF 50.

Simone Ashley on how she keeps her hair so glossy


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I try to use minimal heat on my hair when I’m working—but sometimes it can’t be avoided. I also try to eat a really healthy diet; I eat a lot of protein. There are lots of ways to get your nutrients in and I would say that diet is a big thing for healthy hair. I have also fallen in love with L’Oréal’s Elvive [editor’s note: In the US, try the Water Rinse for something equivalent]. I sometimes put it on when I’m in the sauna and then sit on my phone for five minutes. It makes my hair smell so good and the ends feel really glossy and hydrated… and it looks super shiny and healthy.

Simone Ashley on what’s in her beach bag

Definitely a book, my sunglasses and a layer—whether that’s a T-shirt or something else—just in case it gets windy. I’ll also have water and a little bit of cash because there’s always an ice cream shop somewhere. Ice cream is one of my favorite things—I’d have it every day if I could. I love everything from a vanilla soft serve to cherry to Oreo, literally everything. Whatever the flavor, I’m down for ice cream.

Simone Ashley on her favorite way to work out

I swear by reformer Pilates—I was introduced to it a few years ago—and I’m a massive runner, I run all the time. For Pilates, I go to the Alo studios when I’m in the States and it’s one of the best workouts I’ve done in my life. Laura Quinn is one of my trainers there, and she’s changed the game for me in terms of how hard I can push my body. It’s a very mindful and thoughtful exercise— sometimes it’s the minimal movements that are the most powerful. For women, it’s great because it connects you to your pelvic floor, plus it gives you a full awareness of your body. Whenever I’ve got lots of press coming up, or a red carpet, if I work out lots I feel less depressed and generally happier. And I feel like the best version of myself.

Simone Ashley on her plane beauty routine

I drink lots of water and I sometimes do a sheet mask or pop on some face spray and moisturizer. Maybe I’ll splash my face with some water in the bathroom. I don’t wear make-up when I’m traveling so it’s simple. Under-eye patches also help me feel a bit more awake.

Simone Ashley on how she handles jet lag

It’s kind of niche. The obvious thing to do is get a good amount of rest, but before my shoot with L’Oréal, I had just landed from New York. I did a crazy trip of London to New York, New York to LA, LA back to New York, so my body clock was literally upside down. As soon as I landed, I went to a banya, which is an eastern European tradition. It’s kind of like a sauna. I went there and sat in the sauna for three hours and did an ice bath after.

Simone Ashley on being L’Oréal’s new UK spokesperson

It’s very exciting—my whole team and I were all really excited when I got the call from my agent. As well as all of my dreams of being an actress, performer, and artist, I have always had such a deep passion for fashion and make-up and skincare, so to be the face of a brand like L’Oréal means the world to me. I guess maybe I manifested it when I was a kid—I always dreamt of stuff like this. I feel very happy.

Simone Ashley on attending L’Oréal’s Lights on Women’s Worth in Cannes

[Highlighting gender imbalance in the film industry] is important because, being a woman, it directly affects me, and other women, too. I’m also a woman of color and there are specific experiences that I have, and share, with other women of color. As much as we want there to be equality right now—and the goal would be to not have to talk about it—we are a generation for whom it’s still a problem. We need to highlight and find positive solutions.

L’Oréal Paris is the official beauty partner to the 77th Cannes Film Festival.

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