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Should You Attempt an At Home Haircut? We Ask the Experts

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Step away from those scissors and put down that box of hair dye that’s been hiding out in the back of your vanity. Yes, we know you may have had to cancel your usual hair styling appointment. Yes, we know your roots might feel like they are down to your eyebrows and yes, we feel the same about our unruly mane which is getting more and more out of control as the days tick by.

However, it’s not time to panic. After all, your work conference calls really aren’t that clear, and the delivery men have most likely seen far worse. If that’s not enough to change your mind, please don’t make your beloved hairstylist job any harder when life finally begins to turn back to normality. We promise you, it’s going to be hard to get an appointment with all the at-home cuts that will most likely have gone wrong. Still not convinced? Three of the region’s top stylists share their thoughts.

Karl Warner, Senior Stylist, Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton

“Absolutely never cut your hair at home yourself. If you do cut your hair at home, it will, inevitably, go wrong. You are not a trained professional and you could end up paying more, in the long run, to have it fixed. I would recommend that you contact the salon you usually visit and ask them if they can offer home services. If they do not offer such a service and you are self-isolating or you are in quarantine because you are sick, then you can wait to have it cut and during this time you could try out new styles. Instead of spending time cutting your hair, why not use this time to check out Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration on styles you could wear when your hair is a slightly longer length, or watch youtube tutorials to learn new ways of styling your hair!”


Maria Dowling, Founder of Mariadowling Salon

“Obviously I would always say don’t do it! Try and live with your existing haircut and color until you’re able to get into the salon if you can. The risks involved in hair coloring and hair cutting at home are completely different. If you cut your hair at home the hair will take time to grow back and you pretty much have to live with it until it does.  With color, the only risk is hair damage, particularly if you’re bleaching the hair, but you can always get your color corrected by visiting a salon who knows what they’re doing! Now we’re all at home, it’s a great time to practice new hair skills and styling. Get onto YouTube and learn how to wand your waves, practice a few updo’s or try to make some natural, at-home treatments.”

Kate Darling, Founder of THT – That Hair Tho

“For hair, we recommend that you do not panic with grown-out roots. It is never worth using box dye on your hair, as it will only damage all the amazing work your hairstylist has done to make it this fab! To maintain color, it is worth picking up or ordering a colored conditioner. This will help sustain the hair color for longer while also conditioning your hair. For the lucky ladies with balayage, you should have no problem rocking your roots, and should just focus on using hair masks and oil treatments until this is all over.

Cutting your own hair is also not advised, no matter how bored you get. Please don’t do it! Keep positive and just think how much fun your stylist will have with your long locks once you’re both reunited. If you cut it yourself and the results are not what you wanted, it will be even harder for your stylist to correct. The best way to manage your hair over this time is through hair masks and oil treatments. This is a great time to experiment with 100% natural treatments, some key ingredients we would recommend are coconut oil, aloe vera, castor oil, and avocado. Apply, leave on and turn on Netflix. The longer you leave them on, the better. This will help prevent any split ends until you are reunited with your hairstylist again. You can also enjoy treating your hair at home with Olaplex or Davines hair masks too.

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