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Vogue Shops Evocative Summer Fragrances

History has it that the first perfume in Europe dates back to the late 14th century in Hungary, and was created under the order of Queen Elisabeth of Poland. Dubbed “Hungary Water,” the fragrance was supposedly concocted by an alchemist using a fresh blend of rosemary, thyme, mint, sage, orange blossom, and lemon. The zesty blend of flowers and herbs was an olfactory hit, even landing at the throne of Charles V of France. It was used as a valuable remedy in addition to a fragrance, up until the first eau de cologne was introduced in the 18th century. Fast-forward to today, and the allure of a fresh, airy fragrance is as prominent as ever, particularly during summertime. Indeed, a splash of zesty, lighter-than-air perfume on the pulse points is a warm-weather must. Here, we round up ten new and intoxicating fresh summer fragrances to stockpile this season.

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