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7 Satisfying Peel-Off Masks for Weekend Pampering

Take advantage of the weekend’s two undisturbed days of bliss to relax and hit refresh on your skincare routine. The Vogue Arabia beauty desk rounds up hydration-boosting, nutrient-rich peel-off masks to get your skin on its best form.

The steps are straightforward, so the peel-off mask is ideal for beauty aficionados who don’t want complex treatments at home to decipher. Massage the gel or cream formula into your skin using your fingers or a small brush, avoiding the eye and mouth area. Wait 20 minutes, or until the product has fully dried, then gently peel it off with your fingers, starting from the forehead and peeling downwards to reveal flawless, glowing skin.

Here, seven peel-off face masks that do more than just feel good.

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