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5 Ways to Incorporate Sherihan’s Iconic Makeup and Hairstyles in Your Looks


Sherihan. Photo: Instagram/@sherihanofficial

Egyptian actor and singer Sherihan is an icon of cinema, theater, and television — and recently made a return to the screen, after an absence of almost 30 years, in a play about Coco Chanel. She was born in Cairo in 1964 in a family of talent. Her brother, the late Omar Khorshid, was a guitarist who reached great acclaim. From a young age, he inspired Sherihan, who followed his acting performances. Khorshid was instrumental to Sherihan’s career, helping her enter the entertainment industry. At just 12 years old, she appeared in her first movie, Ketta Ala Nar (Cat on Fire). From there, her career escalated.

“I grew up with Sherihan in the late 80s and the beginning of the 90s,” says Moroccan hairstylist Ilham Mestour. “Her TV shows Alf Layla Wa Layla (1001 Nights) and Fawazeer Al Amthal (The Proverb Riddles) were my favorites.” She quickly became a hit, standing out from her peers. “Sherihan is years ahead with her style,” says Egyptian stylist Yasmine Eissa. “She is exceptionally talented and unique. Even her makeup and hair are innovative and out-of-the-box.” Known for perfecting the cat-eye, Sherihan isn’t afraid to experiment with colors, often opting for bright blue and green shadow and liners. Wearing her long hair – which has at times reached her legs – in different styles, she shows love for dazzling headpieces and showstopping accessories. “Sherihan is the Arab Lady Gaga,” says Mestour.

A role that further showcased her daring style was the 1986 Ramadan musical quiz show, Fawazeer Al Amthal. Sherihan delighted audiences by dressing in different costumes every night – from a mermaid to a pharaoh – as well as sequined gowns. These outfits inspired many Arab women’s looks in the 90s. “To this day, Sherihan remains among the most innovative, stylish, and unconventional Arab artists of our time. She is my icon of style,” shares Eissa. Egyptian actor Salma Abu Deif agrees, saying, “Her beauty is phenomenal, natural, avant-garde. She has her own personality and direction. She is full of life.”

In celebration of the star’s birthday today, December 6, we take a look at a few ways in which you can take inspiration from her iconic makeup and hair looks.

Take Two

Photographed by Domen / Van De Velde for Vogue Arabia September 2020

Rework retro hairstyles in a modern way. This version of a pompadour keeps the focus on the front of the head, offering a sleek feel without losing any of the drama.

Top It Off

Photographed by Domen / Van De Velde for Vogue Arabia September 2020

The topknot returns – this time, with a touch more flair. Brush hair upwards and pull tight before twisting into a graphic bun.

Lock It

Photographed by Domen / Van De Velde for Vogue Arabia September 2020

Don’t shy away from colorful locks. Experiment with different shades that make you stand out from the crowd, even if it is semi-permanent.

Sleek & Simple

Photographed by Domen / Van De Velde for Vogue Arabia September 2020

Want to let your makeup do the talking? Pull your hair back into a low ponytail and cover the ears for a high fashion take on the trend.

Nostalgia Now

Photographed by Domen / Van De Velde for Vogue Arabia September 2020

Blue eyeshadow isn’t going anywhere. Worn swept across the lids, metallic formulas make the eye pop. Team with a reddish-brown lip.

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Originally published in the September 2020 issue of Vogue Arabia.

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