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Sharon Stone on Aging, Botox, and Fillers: “Life Doesn’t Always Make You Feel Like a Winner As You Grow Older”

Coat, tights, Schiaparelli Haute Couture. Photo: Nima Benati

September 2022 marks a very special issue for Vogue Arabia, with none other than Hollywood icon Sharon Stone sitting front and center on our cover. This month, the powerhouse gets candid about all aspects of her life via a conversation with Syrian-American ex-CNN star anchor Hala Gorani, which brought together several eye-opening details on Stone and her experiences with online dating, starring thriller series The Flight Attendant, and living in America in the midst of what she refers to as a severe backlash to #MeToo.

During the conversation, Stone also went on record to talk about her experience with aging, and what it means to her. At 64 years old, the American superstar continues to dominate as one of the world’s most stunning women, and recently took to Instagram to share a picture of herself enjoying a day by the poolside in a swimsuit. The image immediately went viral, with many applauding Stone’s bold move.

The story behind the picture is just as empowering as the snapshot itself. Sharon Stone revealed that the picture was taken during an afternoon with her friend, where each woman took a photo of the other to show one another how beautiful they are. “I posted it because I feel like women become invisible once we become moms and you’re 45 and people walk by you like you’re not there,” Stone shared during her Zoom call with Gorani. The actor also explained that she and her friends have made a conscious decision to support and uplift each other, because “life doesn’t always make you feel like a winner as you grow older.”

On the topic of aging, Stone also opened up about her relationship with aesthetic procedures—something many can agree has become a norm among celebrities in Hollywood. But while the majority continues to fight nature’s course, Stone is embracing every change in her body with grace, and it’s a lesson she learned the hard way. “There were periods in the super fame when I got Botox and filler and stuff, and then I had this massive stroke and a nine-day brain hemorrhage and I had to have over 300 shots of Botox and filler to make the one side of my face come up again,” she revealed. The life-changing experience forever changed the way the star looked at cosmetic surgery, which in her eye, transformed from “cute luxury to some kind of massive, painful neurological need.” The topic of beauty enhancement came back into Stone’s life while she was in a relationship with a younger man recently. When asked if she uses Botox by her partner, the actor responded saying, “It would probably be really good for your ego and mine if I did.” The relationship came to a close soon after. “I saw him one more time after that and then he wasn’t interested in seeing me anymore,” she shared. “If you don’t see me for more than that, you’ll please find your way to the exit.”

Come what may, however, Stone is living her best life at 64. “I feel like this is the most exciting and creative period of my life,” she said towards the end of her conversation with Gorani. “I feel really, really happy. I’ve never been this joyful.”

One of the most hard-hitting conversations Sharon Stone has had of late, Vogue Arabia’s September 2022 cover story offers a new look into the topics of beauty and women’s empowerment. Catch up on more special moments from the icon’s  conversation with Hala Gorani below.

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