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This Dubai-Based Urban Spa Guarantees Relaxation Every Time


The reception at the Palm Jumeirah branch. Courtesy of SensAsia

There are countless spas in this city. Enter any five-star hotel and you will be whisked away to a room nestled among corridors and offered a list of luxury treatments. Nothing to complain about, they are some of the best in the world. However, as with every city, the locals know best.

Hidden throughout Dubai in malls, on a golf course and now soon to be in the heart of Media City, you will find a SensAsia spa. Creating urban sanctuaries since 2004, the brand is celebrated for getting it right. Masterfully achieving a sense of tranquility, they offer some of the finest services in the region. Attention to detail is key. Upon entering one of its venues, clients are offered a pair of slippers to change into. This adds to the peacefulness of the space. No sound of heels or flips flops in the corridors. After changing into a robe, you are lead to your treatment room. Each corridor subtly lit, with treatment rooms, left simple offering a Balinese feel. Think dark wood, jewel tones, and natural finishes.


A treatment room at SensAsia. Courtesy of SensAsia

Depending on your chosen treatment therapists work with confidence, silently moving around the room allowing your mind to completely switch off. The treatments themselves have been carefully curated. A new menu now focuses on everyday life stresses. Created and approved by the brand’s founder Salina Handa, she developed treatments that focus on those who are overworked at the office, are struggling after the gym, who have overindulged, are jetlagged or simply suffering from a headache. Real life issues, with real-life prices. Treatments start at US70 or AED260 meaning you can simply pop into your local SensAsia and use the power of massage to cure your ailments.

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