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How Selena Gomez Makes her Brown Eyes Pop

With her signature black waves and expertly applied eyeliner, Selena Gomez’s most recent Instagram post doesn’t denote anything particularly different about the singer. Closer inspection, however, reveals the type of temporary transformation that has the ability to update an entire look. The singer shared a photo of her freshly made up face to her 109 million followers, featuring a shift from her intense, chocolate-colored eyes in favor of a lighter shade of brown. The hazel-colored contact lenses, which she previously donned at the American Music Awards, were a metamorphic change from her signature dark gaze and drew focus to her sharp cat-eye. The stunning selfie was a study in flawlessly making your brown eyes pop.

The secret: opting for a pair of color enhancers, which promise to boost your natural eye color rather than completely masking it. But how do they work? Studies reveal that having a darker limbal ring (the lines around your iris) signifies youth and beauty. Enhancers are designed to define and intensify the unique patterns and shades in your iris in order to make your features pop. Try the 1-Day Acuvue Define, a disposable set of lenses that feature shaded borders to make the limbal rings more pronounced.

You can also use makeup to make brown eyes stand out––luckily, most colors work. Opt for eyeliners in bronze, gold, and taupe. In addition to neutrals, try jewel tones including blue, pink, purple, and teal to really accentuate dark, chocolate-colored eyes.

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