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Salama Mohamed on Why Inclusion in Skincare is a “Necessary Conversation”

Vogue Arabia, December 2021. Photo: Paulina Wesolowska

After celebrating the one year anniversary of the launch of her skincare brand, Peacefull, founder and CEO Salama Mohamed has been able to reflect on how inclusive skincare has reshaped the industry. She spoke with to reflect on the lessons she’s learned as an entrepreneur, and how Peacefull has catered to the skincare needs of all women.

What have you discovered in this last year?
The past year has been one of immense learning and personal growth. Now more than ever, I understand the importance of being authentic and open, as this has allowed me to truly connect with a global community that had been looking for realness when it came to discussing skin, beauty, self-love and acceptance. Of course, we have had tangible takeaways such as financial success, but for the most part, it’s been great to see the shift in the skincare and beauty industry. Although there are still ways to go, [I] know that Peacefull is at the forefront, championing this new era of inclusion and leading these necessary conversations in the beauty space.

Any crucial lessons learned?
Most importantly, I have learnt that being resilient pays off. The hard work of my team, pushing the limits and challenging the status quo has opened us up to a new horizon and opportunities. I cannot wait for our Peacefull community to see what is in store.

Vogue Arabia, December 2021. Photo: Paulina Wesolowska

What’s been your defining success for the last year?
Our biggest achievement is that all the products we have launched (and those soon to be released) are our superhero products. When working on the formulas, for instance, with the Hya, Centella! range; the Mugwort Clay Mask Cleanser, Endless Purifying Toner, Peptide Eye Cream, and Ever Glow Moisturizer, we designed hybrid creations that can be used as a whole. So as a full skincare routine, or as standalone products in conjunction with other skincare products,  and still receive benefits to your skin. And because we create with everyone in mind, be it the beautiful melanin-rich skin, olive complexions, tan skin, and all, anyone can use any of these products and experience their hero status.

Diversity in beauty has been a hot topic for 2022 – how does Peacefull acknowledge it?
Simple, by creating products for you; that’s how we celebrate you. A core pillar of Peacefull is people-centricity, as we believe that co-creation is at the heart of true diversity and inclusion – connecting with different communities and individuals, and ensuring that we create a common space for all, where everyone; every gender, skin tone, and skin type, is and feels considered.

Vogue Arabia, December 2021. Photo: Paulina Wesolowska

How important is it to you to cater to a spectrum of skin tones?
Very important! The world is a melting pot of different cultures, nationalities, skin types, skin tones and more, but when you get to the crux of life, you realize essentially, we are all the same, and these unique qualities should not differentiate us. This is why Peacefull exists, to let everyone know that they are not an afterthought, and are seen and heard. Our message has always been one of inclusivity and embracing various communities while celebrating our differences. We are creating a space where we all feel welcome.

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