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The Rituals the Beauty Community Have Kept and Ditched During Isolation

When it comes to quarantine are you keeping up with your full beauty routine or not? If the latter, what exactly have you chosen to put on the backburner? We asked some of the region’s top beauty experts how they are coping from their tip to their toes.

Haneen Odeh, Beauty Expert, and Owner of Snob Salon

Haneen Odeh

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’ve watched my ombre turn brassy and had to forego the deep tissue massages that my shoulders desperately need. But one thing I’ve kept up is my evening skincare routine. I have always avoided going to bed without my skincare, and this habit has carried on in this situation. I find the ritual of cleansing, masking, toning, and moisturizing quite grounding and relaxing and now I find myself getting sleepy the minute I start doing my skincare. It also definitely helps to keep the effects of stress on my skin at bay.

Sheida Babareza, Beauty Expert


Courtesy of Sheida Babareza

During the quarantine, I’ve moved twice so I haven’t had to luxury to be unwinding and making DIY face masks. I’ve also been quarantining with a 16-month-old! However, the one thing I never fail to do is my hair masks, I alternate between Olaplex No 3, and Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer. Also, I have taken the Hairtamin Gummy Stars for a month now, and I haven’t used hot tools for a good few months, so my hair is growing long very fast. Unlike the rest of me, my hair is living it’s best life – apart from the fact that I may have my roots down to my ears by the time I see my hairdresser next! I also had a quarantine birthday, so I actually wore makeup and dressed up for a change, I honestly can’t remember the time before then. I’ve been embracing being more carefree and makeup-free for a while now and I’m loving it!

Toni Malt, Author, Makeup Artist and Owner of the Toni Malt Makeup Academy  

Toni Malt

Courtesy of Toni Malt

I am very lucky because as a makeup artist I am trained in most beauty treatments that I usually get done at a professional salon. I have my whole professional makeup kit at home now which is great. Whilst I have stopped wearing makeup and never blow dry my hair now, I did dye my eyebrows yesterday something that I do a lot on models after having temporarily bleached them for a photo shoot. I am also loving doing my own nail extensions now, something I used to do as a teenager all the time.

Yara Alnamlah, Architecture Student and Beauty Influencer

Yara Alnamla

I’m using this time during quarantine to take care of my whole body. It’s extreme care. Before each shower, I use any kind of oil like argan or coconut as a hair mask to bring moisture to my hair. I use a lavender scrub in my shower, as I love the calming scent. I use face masks every day – a sheet mask every day and a clay mask three times a week. I’m trying to keep to a healthy and nutritional diet and drink two liters of water a day which will reflect on my skin and hair. I am however staying away from nail polish and using heat on my hair.

Zahra Khalil, Founder of The Other Agency

Zahra Lyla

Courtesy of Zahra Khalil

I always have nail polish on so I am using the time in quarantine to keep my nails polish-free so they can breathe. I have also cut my nails as short as possible and apply cuticle oil and vitamin nail drip every night to make them stronger as I recently had extensions on. I also try to clean the excess skin around the nail after my shower.

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