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How to Regulate Your Sleep Cycle Post Lockdown


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With so much going on in the world from uncertainty to new routines due to the pandemic, many of us are struggling to switch off at night. The problem with this is, that there is nothing quite like not getting enough sleep to ruin your day ahead. From the obvious reasons like feeling tired and stressed out to more longterm effects like medical conditions such as weight gain and high blood pressure, it’s important to solve this problem and quickly. Here Dr. Olivier Staneczek an FMH certified specialist in pulmonology and internal medicine who is part of the medical team at Clinique La Prairie shares his tips for regulating your sleep cycle.

Dr. Olivier Staneczek from Clinique La Prairie’s tips

. Good sleep is the reflection of a good lifestyle during the day: a good balance between work, leisure, sports, and family are the cornerstones for good sleep.

. Get up early (six or seven am) and this way your body will automatically be ready for bed around 10:30 pm. Around eight hours sleep is recommended to help have a good productive day at work.

. Timeshift: get up 15 minutes earlier every day for seven days until you feel energized in getting back to normal.

. Use the hours of daylight as your guide to when you should wake up and when you should sleep.

. Expose yourself to intense light in the morning – this helps energize and get you ready for a productive day at work.

. Eat your highest amount of carbohydrates in the morning and regress the amount throughout the day, try not to eat carbohydrates two to three hours before sleeping.

. Work out regularly, but no later than two hours before bed.

. Work overload: don’t panic! First, count to ten, then panic! In other words: Make priority plans. What is really urgent or necessary for life and take it from there.

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