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How to Refresh Your Everyday Cat Eye

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting that feline flick of eyeliner right the first time, so of course, you’ll probably start doing it every day until you’re sick and tired of that dull black line. Don’t worry, though– there’s plenty of ways to amp up your cat-eye with different colors, textures, and shapes. And the best part? Some of these don’t even require a steady hand, so cat-eye mistakes become artistic liberties.

The Monochrome

Sophie Turner is glowing in the capable hands of makeup artist Georgie Eisdell. Layering an icy white line over a black cat-eye gives your makeup look instant drama without having to stray too far from your tried and true charcoal flick.

The Abstract

Barely a cat-eye? Perhaps. Easy, quick and best of all, neon? Definitely. Model Shreya Chaudhary wore this deconstructed, editorial look whipped up by makeup artist Ingeborg for the pages of beauty blog Into The Gloss. It’s as simple as a ‘V’ in the inner corner and a short, horizontal line drawn from your browbone to your eyelid. Grab your favorite neon eye or lip pencil and try it yourself!

The Two-toned

This aqua creation by Moises Ramirez on Primrose Archer is giving us serious mermaid vibes. To achieve this oceanic look, grab two slightly different shades of aqua (layer the darker one in the crease for more dimension) and paint your lids, making sure to wing it out at the end. Top it all off with a thin line of glittery eyeliner for party-ready eyes.

The Rainbow 

Never have we seen someone so skilled at being the artist and the model. UK-based blogger Salma Rahwan makes eye makeup museum-worthy and blends together every shade of the rainbow into a delightful patchwork on the lids. You can try just about any color combination for this creamy, dreamy look– just make sure you’ve got a good eye primer and mascara on hand if you want to look just like Rahwan.

The Window 

A cat-eye in all but opacity, this minimalist look by Katie Jane Hughes is perfect for the days when you want to do something on the eyes…but not too much. Pair this barely-there look with a nude glossy lip and full eyebrows for put-together yet unfussy glam.

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