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All The Reasons Why You Should Not Put Away Your Moisturizer For The Summer

Photographed by Ivan Rafik for Vogue Arabia June 2017

As winter ends and mercury rises in the region, it calls for many lifestyle changes. Our wardrobe sees the putting away of cardigans and jumpers from the winter season for them to be replaced by breezy cotton shirts and summer dresses. In our makeup looks, we move from the darker colors to incorporate bright pops of color that are synonymous with this season. However, when it comes to skincare, there is one product that still needs to be a part of our routines during summer.

Moisturizing in winter is a common step in skincare routines when it’s cold and the skin tends to dry out but that is not the case in summer. Whether or not it’s humid, the heat makes even the driest of skins oily with sweat coming through the pores. The misconception attached to it is that moisturizer and the heat do not go together assuming that it makes the skin greasier. Here are all the reasons why you should not be neglecting moisturizer after winter.

1. The most crucial reason is that the harsh sun rays dry out your skin by taking away its natural oils. The result? Increased sebum production that can make your oily skin even worse. For those who have dry skin, the sun makes the skin get only drier.

2. Taking shelter from the warm weather by constantly staying in air-conditioned spaces makes your skin more prone to dryness. The artificially dehumidified air plays a big role in drying out the surface skin cells.

3. We lose plenty of fluids during summer and keeping our skin hydrated is as important as rehydrating our bodies. Certain moisturizers can help seal the moisture which is lost due to sweating.

4. Taking several dips in the cool inviting pools is unavoidable in summer which is why we should protect the skin from the chlorine in the pools. Like the sun, it too strips the skin of its natural oils.

5. The harsh sun can also cause early signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles to appear and the most effective way of keeping them at bay is moisturizing. Making sure to regularly moisturize your skin will help keep it plump and lively.

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