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The Beauty Scoop: Raya Abirached’s Best Looks

Having frequented a number of red carpets, and stood before her fair share of cameras, Lebanese presenter and journalist Raya Abirached is well acquainted with the art of beauty. Known for her work on Arabs Got Talent and Scoop with Raya; where she interviews A-list celebrities from the Arab world and beyond, Abirached believes when it comes to beauty — less is more. In a Facebook post shared with her 3 million followers in 2019, the presenter divulged her affinity for makeup artists who can “bring out the best in [her] face,” by using “less of their makeup and more of their talent.” Confirming her preference for minimalism, she shared “I want less because I want to feel like me!”

While not one to shy away from the occasional bold lip or a dramatic smokey eye, Abirached is often seen sporting softer, warmer tones, complimenting her light brown hair and naturally prominent features. Her signature look comprises a lightly pigmented mixture of bronzer, blush, and highlight to sculpt and enhance her face, paired alongside shimmery eye makeup and natural lashes. To tie it together, the journalist favors a nude or natural-pink lip. While understated, Abirached is often praised for her use of makeup to enhance, as opposed to change, her features.

Also championing simplicity in the hair department, Abirached’s go-to hair looks are simple, sophisticated, and timeless. Mainly comprising soft curls and straight blowouts, the journalist usually sweeps hair away from her face, in a bid to maintain focus on her stunning features. When opting for the occasional up or down-do, the journalist can be seen in a sleek-ponytail or a low bun.

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