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Rainbow Nails Are Taking Over the Summer Manicure

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Rainbow nails. Once reserved for teenagers, now dominating the beauty scene as we know it. No longer do we have to choose just one shade to sweep across our manicure, now we can opt for a whole host of vivid colors. Not convinced? Even for those who are not ready to jump headfirst into the trend, there are options. Look to a classic base with some simple nail art or stick to shades in a similar spectrum. For those who are brave and ready to rock a statement manicure, artists across the globe offer up some serious nail(spiration) from just the tips to ten fingers of bold clashing brights. Experts, we’re watching you. Why opt for one trend when you can go for three? Scroll down to see our top picks from the summer.

So Simple

Not ready for every color of the rainbow? Ease your way in with a neutral base and a hint of color on each finger or add new life to a week old manicure.

Embrace The Indecisive

Ever arrive at the salon and don’t know what shade to choose? Now you can opt for them all. From following the colors of the rainbow or opting for shades in the same spectrum make up your own rules.

Always Tip

Keep things sweet by drawing inspiration from the candy store. With a neutral base, look to building up color just at the tip.

Go Bold

Take your rainbow manicure to the next level with a border of black. Making the colors pop it adds cohesion to the look. Almond-shaped talons essential.

Mega Mix

Why opt for one trend when you can opt for three? Combine rainbow with jelly and nail art for a serious triple threat manicure. The longer the talon the more room for creativity.

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