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This is How to Protect Your Hair from Heat and Humidity

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The Middle East and its hot and humid climate can often leave locks feeling a little lackluster. This isn’t even taking into consideration the health of your scalp. To keep hair from becoming dehydrated and dull its important to provide extra nourishment. Haircare expert Miriam Quevedo shares her tips for women in the region.

. One a week use our Extreme Caviar Exfoliating Scrub Scalp Mask to detoxify and purify your mane (hair and scalp) to eliminate residue and particles accumulated day to day.

. Cleanse with extra nutrition for very dry hair. Nourishing and hydrating hair correctly is a must in the region, especially for hair and scalps exposed to excess sun and heat. Our Glacial White Caviar Resort Cleansing Balm is fortified with ultra-hydrating ingredients to prevent dryness.

. Purify and detox a suffocated scalp. Find a shampoo that removes chemicals, toxins, and impurities.

. Deeply hydrate by applying masks frequently. Restructure hair and maintain nourishment and hydration levels by applying a treatment mask twice a week. If you have a special event, you can apply to dry hair and let the mask set for as long as possible, then continue with your cleansing ritual in the morning.

. Don’t forget your scalp. Combat micro-inflammation or redness with our Glacial White Caviar Shampoo and our Glacial White Caviar Rejuvenating Mist is a must.

. Reinforce. When seasons change, you may notice your hair is falling out more than usual, don’t panic. This is quite normal during seasonal changes. It’s time to apply our potent cocktail of vitamins with our Extreme Caviar Bio-Regenerative Vitamin-Reinforcing to get things back on track.

. Protect your hair and scalp prior to exposing yourself to the region’s aggressors (i.e. sun, chlorinated or saltwater, etc.) to maintain nutrition, softness, and flexibility.

. Apply hair oil such as the Sublime Gold Oil or Precious Elixir to provide vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants that renew the natural glow of your hair, restore strength and smoothness and leave hair more manageable and extraordinarily silky and healthy.

. Try to avoid using heat styling tools as much as possible and always use a thermo-protector.

Miriam Quevedo is available at Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdale’s Middle East, Ounass and The Hair Lab 

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