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How Practicing Henna Can Help Relieve Stress

Henna, Pavan

The world of wellness is on the rise and with it, everything from ancient to innovative techniques for helping you to relax and unwind. For the former, one practice that may have been overlooked is the art of henna. At the forefront of this movement is Pavan Dhanjal who explains, “Here in London, amidst the panic and fear that we all are feeling, I went to apply henna for a bride, who had flown all the way from Texas for her wedding. Most of her guests including bridesmaids had canceled due to the uncertainty and I could see all were stressed.  As I started applying her henna, I took a big breath and exhaled a sigh of relief. I felt in that moment at ease and I knew those around me were feeling the same.”

The founder of Pavan Henna bar a global brand boasting outlets across the world, Dhanjal is also a Guinness World Record holder for being the world’s fastest henna artist – having tattooed 511 armbands in one hour. She also holds a British Empire Medal for Services to Beauty. “Henna is my passion and business. Why? Because of the feeling, I get when applying henna.  It gives me a sense of relaxation, almost as if I am in meditation and (without sounding cheesy) makes me feel aligned with the universe,” she explains.

Realizing that applying henna could be a great tool for destressing, for people across the world, she’s created a specialized kit to teach them how to do it. Using formulations from her own product line which in the past has seen glitter and neon henna, she is also hosting online classes for those that want more of a personalized experience. “It makes me so happy to share my relief, even if it helps one person, that’s enough,” Dhanjal explains. Here, she shares more about her concept and gives us a quick tutorial, we too can do at home.

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