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6 Podcasts to Help You Sleep Better

Photo by: Elizaveta Porodina

Whether you spend your evening staring at your ceiling or you toss about like a chopped salad until you finally get to sleep in the early morning hours —fear not, as there are several podcasts to help you get to a steady night’s sleep cycle. The podcasts range in various genres of storytelling, music, and even food recipes, designed to help you slow down and relax your mind. These podcasts involve meditative music, autonomous sensory meridian response(ASMR) triggers, and stories that can help you reach a deep and quiet slumber – quickly. Check some of the best ones out there below:

Daily Meditation Podcast

Hosted by Mary Meckley, the Daily Meditation Podcast is extremely helpful for anyone who deals with a lot of stress and anxiety. It offers short, daily guided meditations with general themes, like self-love or releasing negative thoughts.

Sleep With Me: A Sleep-Inducing Podcast

Sleep With Me describes itself as a “Lulling, droning, boring bedtime story to distract your racing mind.” This podcast is literally meant to bore you to sleep. Its content is updated every day, and even the most interesting of these hour-long episodes is designed to get rid of stress and anxiety so listeners can just let go and get some rest.

Deep Energy 2.0

Whether it is calming music for sleep, meditation, massage, or yoga – this is the ideal podcast for anyone who can’t fall asleep to voices. Each hour-long installment of the series includes ambient sounds meant to make listeners sleepy. These mixes can also be used for bedtime yoga and meditation.

Sleep Whispers

Created with noisy brains in mind, Sleep Whispers is exactly what it sounds like. People whispering about stuff while listeners try to fall asleep. Each episode of Sleep Whispers quietly details an educational topic. The podcast’s set-up is meant to engage your brain and quiet it at the same time.

Sleep and Relax ASMR

ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response is trending these days – and for good reason. If you have listened before, then you know how good the tingles that start in your scalp and snake down your back feel. You would also know how well that feeling relaxes you and puts you to sleep. The soft background music and slow whispers can help you feel deeply relaxed and put you to bed.

Sleep Meditation Podcast

Another one for the ASMR connoisseurs, the Sleep Meditation Podcast is for those who would prefer listening to no one speaking at all. With over 200 episodes available, one can indulge in lengthy rainstorms, soft ocean waves, and gently pulsing, rhythmic music. These sounds can help listeners through yoga and meditation, as well as aiding in falling asleep

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