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4 Rules For Perfect Posture, According to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Physiotherapist

Photo: Michael Oliver Love

Feeling a little stiff and sore recently? Celebrity physical therapist Garry Trainer D.O. B.Ac says aches and pains increase as we age – but with the right expert guidance, there’s a multitude of ways to counteract issues and improve overall health. Trainer has worked with a roll call of A-listers for more than four decades, from going on tour with rock bands, to prepping sports stars and top models. “I have been incredibly fortunate career as a therapist to work with some of the greats – from actors and musicians to sports personalities and industry leaders, including Justin Bieber, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sir Lewis Hamilton, Sir Paul and Stella McCartney, Coldplay, Diana Ross, The Beatles and the late George Michael, to name a few,” he shares.

The therapist believes in holistic healing and says that most immobility issues are common but easily treated with regular therapy. “My unique combination of massage, osteopathy and acupuncture addresses the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems all at the same time, allowing me to adapt to what is presenting in front of me right at that moment,” he explains. “Most clients come to me with issues of immobility usually associated with back, neck or joint pain.  These are caused by tight muscles, trapped nerves and skeletal misalignment and are usually nothing to worry about although the symptoms can be quite frightening.” For women specifically, Trainer says that core strength is hugely important for better all-over health. “Yoga and Pilates are excellent ways to stretch, strengthen and tone the body, creating a streamlined silhouette by working on balance and co-ordination,” he adds.

Usually based in London, Trainer will be in limited residency exclusively at Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai, seeing private clients for his in-demand consult sessions at the resort’s The Spa. His treatments are completely personalized, meaning that a single session could involve an array of acupuncture needling and positioning, targeted massage and pressure on problem areas, and of course a good old-fashioned back cracking. “I have a clinic at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London and I love their progressive outlook and philosophy when bringing together health and fitness with spa and wellness,” explains Trainer. After visiting Dubai for a week’s residency earlier this year for a fully-booked schedule, Trainer plans to return to The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai towards the end of the year, based from the resort’s luxe VIP spa suites.

Follow Trainer’s four key steps below for better posture:

1/ “Start the day by activating your body before using it with some simple stretching routines – remembering the back is designed to move in only 6 directions; flexion – bending forwards, extension – bending backwards, side bending left and right, and rotating left and right. These stretches can be done lying, sitting or standing. Normally when things go wrong, it means that one of these ranges of movement is restricted and can be caused by a variety of means but usually bending forwards and twisting. The first five minutes of the day, when circulation is at its least effective, is the most common time for things to go wrong physically.”

2/ “Adopt a positive mind-set – practise mindfulness every day. I also believe the way you think, and your mind-set plays such an important role in posture and presence, together with how you feel you look.”

3/ “If you ever catch yourself slouching, that is the time to stop slouching and focus on the alignment of your spine, and think about your head, neck and back relationship. Instead, rather than give yourself a hard time about having bad posture, just change your position.”

4/ “Keep moving – try yoga, which is great for mobility, and Pilates, which is great for strength.”

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