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Peaches and Cream is the Wearable Red Carpet Makeup Trend to Try Now

Photo: Taylor Hill

We might think of a peaches and cream complexion as being a British beauty aesthetic, but it seems the appeal is global if the stars at the Gotham Independent Awards were anything to go by.

Leading the charge in New York last night was Barbie actor Margot Robbie, who accessorized her look with a glowing, creamy complexion and apricot-hued lipstick and blusher. Following in Robbie’s footsteps was Michelle Williams, who dialed up the peachy blusher and opted for a slightly pinkier-hued lipstick to complement the tones. And proving it’s not just a look suited to blondes, actor Natalie Portman also nailed the brief with rosy lips and a deeper peach-toned blusher sculpting her cheekbones, while actor Nicole Beharie opted for more uniform peachy tones on eyes, lips and cheeks. Although still very much on the neutral make-up spectrum, the added bit of brightness that the fruity tones bring is a great way to update your everyday look.

Photo: Taylor Hill

While the peaches part of the equation is a bit of a no-brainer (a great palette like Danessa Myricks Beauty Dewy Cheek & Lip Balm Palette will be your best friend), when it comes to mastering the smooth and creamy complexion, there are a few pointers it’s worth knowing.

Photo: Taylor Hill

Rule number one: when looking to create any kind of flawless base, less is most definitely more. Eschew layers of heavy foundation and use a pin-point technique with a full-coverage concealer only on areas of redness or discolouration. This will help keep things fresher and more luminous than a blanket base layer and allow your peach pigments to pop more easily. If you’re prone to shine, go ahead and powder up, but again avoid an all-over dusting as it will knock the life out of your complexion making it more lacklustre than luscious.

Photo: Getty

Finally, highlight with caution. Although a little extra luminosity – which helps to bounce light off your face and give the illusion of a more seamless finish – is always welcome, too much risks distracting from the required velvety skin finish. Instead, take a highlighter, like Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Reflect Highlighter Stick, which is brightening but buttery, and dot on the apples of your cheeks for just a little illumination.

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