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‘Peach Girl Makeup’ is Summer’s Biggest Beauty Trend, According to Hailey Bieber

Last year gave us Strawberry Girl Summer – cheeks were glazed pink and strawberry-colored lip gloss dominated our feed. But 2024 is all about “peach girl makeup”.

peach girl makeup


Granted, we’ve seen traces of peach coming through ever since Pantone named “Peach Fuzz” the color of the year. But while we take their predictions with a pinch of salt, there’s something about peach that we can get right on board with, especially as the months warm up. The shade steps out of beige territory, however, depending on how bright on the scale you go, it still works beautifully as a neutral – it’s just warmer, with extra pep.

Beauty-wise, peach tones pair up beautifully with bronzed summer skin for a more golden take on pink (particularly if true pinks make you feel a bit too flushed). And now, Hailey Bieber has declared “peachy beachy” makeup as “the vibe I’m going for all summer long,” in a new video posted to her YouTube. “Today I’m gonna be doing my go-to summer beachy, glowy, bronzy tutorial,” she said.

How to get Peach Girl Makeup, according to Hailey Bieber


After prepping her skin with her Rhode Glazing Milk and Peptide Glazing Fluid, Hailey uses an undisclosed (but Rhode-looking) bronzing wand that “bronzes but also has self-tanner in it” to contour. A future launch, perhaps?


She takes the Hourglass concealer for small touch-ups and some more subtle contouring, reasoning “it blends so effortlessly right into the skin and I think that’s so stunning.”


To “marry everything together” she uses the Hourglass Hydrating Skin Tint. “I love a skin tint when I don’t want to use foundation because usually, even when I’m wearing foundation, I kind of dilute it. I always mix it with my Peptide Glazing Fluid. But I find with a skin tint, because of how light it is, I don’t need to do that,” she explains.

“I love that [the Hourglass Hydrating Skin Tint] is really hydrating, really glowy, it’s the perfect thing for summertime skin[…] You can see how it’s just buffing everything together, making it really seamless and beautiful. So, so nice on the skin,” she adds.


To de-slick certain areas, Hailey swears by some tactical powder. “I’m just gonna put a little bit of powder in a couple of places […] where I like to not be as glowy because it kind of comes across as greasy,” she explains sweeping a touch of powder around her nose and under her eyes.


Hailey’s been teasing a Rhode blush for months, so she gave the camera a knowing look when she announced “now for cheeks.”

“I’m gonna go in with this kind of sunburnt, bronzy, terracotta kind of color first,” she says, taking the product on the tips of her fingers off camera, then tapping it into her skin – which suggests to us a cream or stick blush. “I’m gonna go and tap that all in. I’m taking it all the way up [to the brow bone],” Hailey explains. And, to personalize things further, she says “I’m gonna be mixing two different colors. The other color I’m gonna go in with kind of has a little bit of a pinky orange tone to it which is my favorite for summertime.” In the meantime, we rate the shade selection from Refy and Fenty has brought out three blushes all paying tribute to peach (we love the shade Juicy Peach).


While Hailey skips mascara, she shares: “I really like the Hourglass eyeshadow in Pin [a warm buff-colored neutral]. I feel like it marries together the blush into the eyelid,” she says applying it with a fluffy brush.


To finish she goes in again with the blushes on her lips. “It’s the same color I have on my cheeks,” she explains.


And for a finishing touch she adds: “the last thing I wanna do is a little highlight,” before going in with a Tom Ford palette.

8 ways to wear Peach Girl Makeup

Glowy and bronzed

Monochrome across cheeks and lips


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“Sunburnt” peach blush over cheeks and nose


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Warm peach flush


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Pale peach eyes, lips, and cheeks

Soft matte peach


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Sunkissed peach

Glazed peach


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