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Ouai Is Launching Perfumes Based on the Scent of its Hair Products

Ouai may have started out as a hair brand, launched by celebrity super-stylist Jen Atkin, but now it is venturing into fragrance with a range of four eau de parfum scents, based on the scents of the products themselves.

“There’s been an overwhelming demand on social for us from our community to create eau de parfums using the scents in our products, so it was a natural next category for us,” Atkin told us. “When we created the brand, there weren’t many hair products in the market without fruity/bubblegum or outdated scents. We wanted our fragrances to smell modern and fresh. It’s funny how now, we’ve ended up being known for them.”

Each scent is named after a place Atkin frequently visits for work. Rue St Honoré features violet, gardenia, ylang ylang and white musk, North Bondi has fruity top notes and a floral heart, Melrose Place is a twist on classic rose and Mercer Street is an ultra-feminine mix of floral and citrus notes with a musky base.

“I’m constantly traveling between Los Angeles, New York, Australia, and Paris for work and after realizing how many girls were interested in our fragrances (via DM) we decided to name them after Rue St. Honoré, Mercer Street, North Bondi and Melrose Place. I wanted to create a worldly line, and scent absolutely invokes our sense of memory,” Atkin continues. “We launched a set of three rollerball fragrances last year and they sold out in less than two days. Now that people have had the chance to try them out, we’ve been able to get great feedback before committing to full size.”

In love with the smell of freshly-washed hair? Now you have it in a bottle.

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