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Origins Launches Across the Middle East

Origins is opening its doors in the Middle East in upcoming months. The American cosmetics brand, which was founded by Leonard Lauder, son of Estée Lauder, in 1987 in a warehouse, is currently available for purchase at Sephora stores across the region (the brand will be launching exclusively with Sephora in 25 doors by the end of this year, across KSA, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain) as well as online. “We as a brand, are ready to expand to the Middle East, and more importantly the Middle East is ready for us,” explains Jean Alexandre, VP, General Manager International of Origins In the region. “Right now the consumer is more cautious and aware of what they are putting into their skin and are beginning to rethink how their favorite formulas are sourced, manufactured, and produced.”

The cult brand is known for its sustainable and all-natural approach to skincare. Beauty obsessives with a sensitive dermis will undoubtedly benefit from the fragrance-free, non-toxic products. “The products you use are equivalent to what you would eat,” acknowledges Alexandre. “Your skin is the largest organ in your body— It’s full of pores. Whatever you put on your skin, is being absorbed.”

However, Alexandre is transparent when it comes to the brand’s formulas. “We’re not saying Origins is 100% organic and natural, but all of the ingredients we use are good for your skin,” he reveals. “We provide formulas that are as natural as possible, but also efficient. We don’t want our consumer to compromise— You can have a formula that is non-toxic and also effective.” Featuring supercharged eye creams, moisturizers, and cult-favorite masks with playful names such as Drink Up and By All Greens, formulated without harmful ingredients such as parabens, pthalates, propylene, glycol, petroleum, paraffin, and animal ingredients, Origins proves that sustainable beauty doesn’t have to be drab.

In its on-going bid to committing to the environment, all of Origins’ packaging is made out of recycled paper, meanwhile eco-friendly ink is used for the text inscribed on the boxes. In addition, in-store programs are put in place to take back used packaging and recycle it. Meanwhile, Origins has helped to plant over 750,000 trees worldwide and by 2020, the brand aims to have a zero carbon footprint. “We’re not saying that we can change the world, but we are trying.”

Ahead of the brand’s Middle East boutique openings, we round up the five Origins products every beauty aficionado needs in her arsenal.

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