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This Is the Secret to Having Full Lashes Like Olivia Culpo

Huda Kattan and Olivia Culpo. Supplied

Though their application is the trickiest part in a makeup routine, false lashes are agreeably worth all the effort. You can count on them to have your resulting look always be glamorous, even if you spent only a few minutes on the rest of your face. Be it a casual day-time trip or an elegant night out, there’s a pair of lashes to step-up your look for every occasion, making them a makeup essential.

Huda Beauty’s Olivia #18 Shortie Lashes. Supplied

And now, a whole new style of false lashes can be added to our makeup bags thanks to the collaboration between makeup mogul Huda Kattan and American model and actress Olivia Culpo. The former beauty pageant title-holder is Kattan’s second muse (the first being Bollywood actress, Jacqueline Fernandez) for her brand Huda Beauty‘s latest Shortie lash collection.

We caught up with Culpo to find out everything about the Olivia #18 lashes. From her favorite Huda Beauty product, lash application tips, to the best time for wearing the new false lashes, here’s what she had to say.

What was it like working with Huda Kattan?
I just think that she’s such an amazing businesswoman and she has inspired me for so long. She’s always at the forefront of creating great products for the brand and in the makeup industry, so it was an honor to work with her.

What is your favorite Huda Beauty product?
I love the Huda Beauty highlighter palette.

Huda Beauty’s Olivia #18 Shortie Lashes. Supplied

Tell us more about these lashes, what was the reason behind creating them?
These lashes are part of the Shortie collection. They’re a more subtle look for a girl that wants to achieve a more natural makeup style. I was excited to do something natural because it could be very versatile. I, personally, prefer understated.

What is the best time to wear these false lashes?
They could be worn day or night because they’re a little bit more subtle. You could wear them to brunch or to Coachella. You could wear them to dinner, to a party. You really could wear them absolutely anywhere and that’s why I love them so much because they’re so versatile.

How important do you think false lashes are in a makeup look?
I think that they definitely add a little bit of drama and they take the whole look to the next level.

Do you have any tips for applying false lashes?
Trimming the lashes based on your eye width is very helpful because not everybody has the same sized eye. I also bend the lashes a little bit just to make sure that they are creating more of an arch for the eye shape. You always have to wait for the glue to get a little bit tacky.

What is your everyday makeup look like?
I always do a winged liner, a tinted moisturizer, and highlighter. I curl my lashes, and then mascara – that’s pretty much my day-to-day look.

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