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Nude Nails: All the Inspiration You Need To Ace the Timeless Manicure Trend

Nude nails have always been a favorite beauty trend. Not only are they versatile, they’re also a classic, elevating just about every ensemble and makeup look out there. Whether you opt for milky nude nails in gel, or slightly darker tones, there’s no going wrong with this timeless manicure style. Below, we take you through all the various styles worth trying, along with some must-try, classy nude nail designs. Get ready to leave with countless nude nail ideas for your next manicure.


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How to create the perfect nude polish look: Inspiration from nail artists

Nude colors always look good on nails, regardless of the occasion. This comes from its likeliness to the wearer’s skin tone, which immediately creates a polished, yet very natural finish. If you’re looking for some nude nails inspo, we’ve listed out an array of designs that have been tried and tested by manicure pros around the world. Start taking notes!

Nude ombre nails



  • The perfect mix between nude and French manicure, ombre nails are a winning choice for those who would like to mix things up with their nails.
  • Start by painting the entire base of your nail with a nude polish.
  • Layer the foundation color with dabs of white nail polish towards the edge of the nail.
  • Ombre effects work especially well on nude square-shaped nails that allow enough space for the ombre effect to pop.

Nude nails with rhinestones



  • If you’re planning to go with nude nails for a wedding, rhinestones are the perfect addition to elevate your manicure.
  • Add a delicate silver rhinestone to painted nails for a hint of sparkle.
  • You can always experiment with more embellishment for a more dramatic effect.
  • Pro tip: Consider painting over your rhinestones with a transparent polish to seal the add-ons in place.

Nude nails with white tips



  • More commonly known as the French manicure, this is a look that never fails.
  • Paint your nail bed with a shade of nude polish – make sure to go with a color that matches your skin tone.
  • Coat the tips of your nails with a white nail polish. While a stark white color creates a doll-like effect, softer ivory shades look more natural.

Nude nails with glitter



  • Who says you can’t mix nude nail polish with metallics? A glittery polish in a flesh tone gives even the simplest manicure a party-ready update.
  • As Betina Goldstein always does, start by coating your nails with a protecting polish.
  • Add two layers of your glittery nude nail color to get the most color payoff.
  • Seal the color with a final layer of quick drying, high-gloss nail varnish.

Nude nails go short



  • The most natural way to wear nude colors on nails is to emulate the appearance of natural nails.
  • Short nails with a fine coating of nude paint create a look that’s perfect for daily wear: sleek, yet relaxed.
  • Pro tip: Consider using just one coat of polish if you’d like to have the colors and textures of your natural nail bed to shine through your manicure.

Nude nails with extensions



  • While short nails create a lived in, yet elevated manicure look, long nails are ideal for special occasions.
  • The simplest nude nail extension design involves nothing but a solid wash of your chosen nail varnish, allowing the soothing nude color to shine.
  • Nude extensions make a great choice for wedding hoppers – no matter how many outfit changes you may have, these party-ready, yet super versatile nails will match everything in your closet.
  • Remember: When it comes to gel nails and extensions, it’s imperative to visit your nail salon regularly for removal or fillings.

What nail shape looks best with nude colors?

Unlike neons and pop hues, nude tones are universally flattering. That being said, there are certain nail shapes that further enhance the beauty of this manicure. Below, we take you through the nail shapes that are best suited for neutral, nude tones.

Ballerina nails



  • Ballerina nails refer to a nail shape that extends out in an oval curve, but then ends with an abrupt square shape to resemble ballerina shoes.
  • Since nude colors tend to extend the look of one’s fingers, ballerina nails can carry off this color beautifully.
  • If you love sharp cuts but also want to make your hands look longer, nude ballerina nails strike both goals with one edgy look.
  • Take inspiration from the image above and opt for nude nails with designs. Simple white stars or a sprinkling of rhinestones go a long way!

Stiletto nails



  • Taking the bold vibe of ballerina nails one step further, stiletto nails refer to nails that curve in to an almost knife-like point.
  • Stiletto nails have become a celebrity favorite, and are ideal for those with shorter fingers as they immediately add length to hands.
  • While many like to pair stiletto nails with ombre nails or white-tipped nails, if your goal is to create length, it’s best to stick with a solid wash of paint for a classy manicure effect.

Almond nails



  • Offering a much softer approach to stiletto nails, almond nails can be best described as a slightly more interesting version of simple round nails, or short nails.
  • Almond nails + nude polish give us a naturally elevated manicure look, ideal for special occasions, but equally wearable on a daily basis.
  • Nude almond nails may not always allow space for bold designs, but they work beautifully with white tips for an elongated French manicure effect.

Nude nails ideas from Arab celebrities

From the red carpet to casual outings with friends, the Middle East’s biggest celebrities have long favored nude polishes. Below, we show you how Yasmine Sabri, Tara Emad, and more have worn the manicure trends in the past. Take cues from them and discover nude nail designs to wear all year long.


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