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Nour Arida: “It makes my heart full to be representing every single Arab woman on a global level”

Lebanese influencer and model Nour Arida is back in focus, starring in a new campaign for Make Up For Ever. As brand ambassador, Arida takes her influence worldwide, wearing the brand’s newly-launched HD Skin Foundation, along with fellow creatives Tina Kunakey, Marsai Martin, and Rina Sawayma. Arida invites viewers to ‘focus on me’, as she trials the newest long-wear formulation for Make Up For Ever’s HD range. Boasting 40 foundation shades with three different undertones, the launch aims to find the perfect foundation shade for every skin tone.

Read on for Vogue Arabia’s exclusive interview with Arida about representing Arab women on an international scale, her beauty tips, and why raising an empowered daughter is so important to her.

How do you feel about being the global face for Make Up For Ever’s HD Skin Foundation?

It makes me so proud to be representing every single Arab woman on a global level. As a Lebanese girl, such dreams used to sound so far-fetched when I started. This is my fourth global campaign on such a huge level, and it still feels (positively) weird. I feel like I’m representing all Arab girls by being there globally. It makes my heart full.

What can you tell us about the new foundation?

This launch is actually a major event for the brand for 2022 as it’s their biggest. There are very high expectations towards this particular product, and everyone has been waiting for it impatiently. So, I’m thrilled about it.


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How did you find shooting the campaign?

All the big campaigns I shot hold the same feeling. There’s a certain thrill to them from the moment you shoot them because you know how massive the outcome is supposed to be. This campaign in particular means to be now even more than before (with all the circumstances going on around the world), since we had shot it in Kiev.

What does the phrase Focus On Me mean to you?

It reminds me of the huge responsibility that comes with the fact of being in the spotlight.

What do you personally look for in a foundation formula?

My main concern in any foundation formula is the thickness and weight. I am not a fan of very thick makeup. I’m known to be a huge advocate for makeup that doesn’t ‘erase’ the skin and keeps its characteristics and imperfections. This formula in specific is ‘undetectable’. So, it ticks the box for me.

How important is it for a woman to be able to find a foundation in her correct shade?

It is actually very important. It blends in better with her features. It makes the whole look feel homogenous. HD Skin does fit this need especially with the huge array of shades available. You just can’t not find your perfect shade.

How important is free expression to you?

Free expression to me is a necessity. Nothing and nobody can stop me from expressing myself freely. Be it in the way I dress, talk, carry myself, or through my work.


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How are you imparting the values of self-confidence and empowerment to your daughter?

We’re raising her on those standards and teaching her not to fall for any stereotype out there. To accept herself with all her beautiful aspects and her fewer pretty aspects.  And the fact that I am so persistent on achieving a successful career, is in itself empowering for her, I think. At the end of the day, I do it in order for me to lead her by example.

 How do you keep your skin in good health?

First, I moisturize and hydrate my skin thoroughly before applying any sort of makeup. Less is more. Don’t overdo it. I clean my skin thoroughly and remove my makeup properly, every single night. The basis of good makeup is having clean, hydrated skin.

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