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This High Tech New Clinical Treatment Targets a Spectrum of Skin Concerns From Wrinkles to Pigmentation

A new aesthetics skin treatment promises to tackle some of our most talked-about skin concerns, targeting the signs of aging including pigmentation, fine lines, skin sagging, and a lack of glow.

Photographed for VOGUE Arabia January 2024 by Arved Colvin-Smith

Vogue Arabia, January 2024. Photo: Arved Colvin-Smith

Ouronyx Clinic Dubai is the first clinic in the Middle East to offer NeoGen Nitrogen Plasma Treatment, marking a significant advancement in skin rejuvenation across the region. The clinic’s adoption of this technology underscores its dedication to pushing forward medical beauty standards. With more people looking for ways to improve their skin without needing a lot of time to recover, this treatment helps skin cells renew faster, resulting in skin that looks tighter, plumper, and more even.

As the medical doctor at Ouronyx Clinic Dubai, Dr. Halah Taha brings her expertise to enhance the clinic’s dedication in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. After earning a bachelor’s degree in General Surgery and Medicine, she completed various fellowships in Paris, Turkey, and Dubai focusing on Aesthetic Medicine. Today, she specializes in facial injectables and hair loss prevention treatments at Ouronyx Dubai.

Dr. Halah Taha

Dr. Halah Taha. Photo: Courtesy of Ouronyx

Here, Dr. Taha answers your skin-related questions. Want to know how to cure acne marks? Or perhaps seeking advice on treating skin scars or achieving even skin tones? She talks us through how NeoGen tackles those issues.

What are the main skin concerns that NeoGen treats?
All skin concerns are effectively treated, whether you are dealing with skin pigmentation, acne and acne marks, skin scars, or are looking to improve the overall appearance and texture of your skin, we have the expertise and advanced technology to help. Additionally, we treat sensitive area, particularly periorbital tightening and rejuvenation, to ensure that your skin looks and feels its best. No matter the concern, we are dedicated to helping you achieve healthy, radiant skin.

Talk us through the NeoGen treatment in detail – what are the steps involved and how does it work?
NeoGen Plasma is a revolutionary skin treatment that utilizes medical-grade nitrogen gas converted into plasma state using ultra-high radio frequency. This thermal energy is applied to the skin to address various skin concerns and stimulate collagen production, resulting in smoother, fresher, and younger-looking skin.

When will the client see results? Are results ongoing or is continuing treatment required?
With NeoGen Plasma, you can expect immediate results such as improved skin hydration, brightness, and a subtle tightening effect. These immediate effects provide a visible boost to your skin. In the following weeks and months, the gradual results of NeoGen Plasma kick in, enhancing collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin texture, and promoting overall skin rejuvenation. The combination of immediate and gradual results leads to long-lasting improvements in skin tone, elasticity, and youthfulness. To maintain and maximize the benefits obtained from the treatment, continued sessions may be recommended. Consistent treatment can support sustained improvements in skin elasticity, tone, and texture over time.


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Is there any pain during the treatment? What is the expected downtime?
During NeoGen treatments, patients may experience a warm sensation with low-energy settings or slight discomfort with higher energy levels, alleviated by the application of high-concentration lidocaine cream. NeoGen Plasma typically involves minimal downtime, allowing individuals to resume normal activities immediately post-treatment. Temporary redness or mild swelling, common with lower energy levels, quickly subsides. For higher energy treatments, patients may expect three to seven days of social downtime.

How do clients prep for the treatment?
You should avoid the sun and tanning for two weeks before your treatment. One week before, drink plenty of water, hydrate your skin with a moisturizer and avoid exfoliation and using retinoids.


Courtesy of Ouronyx.

Why was NeoGen a good fit for Ouronyx?
We’re proud to be the first clinic to bring NeoGen to the U.A.E. as it aligns closely with many of the principles we focus on. It’s scientifically proven – everything that we do at Ouronyx is backed by scientific research and data, this supports the treatments we offer and allows our clients to track their progress. NeoGen answers many of our client’s skin concerns with proven scientific effectiveness.
There’s minimal down time – Ouronyx focuses on highly effective but minimally invasive treatments that can be woven into our client’s busy daily schedules. NeoGen offers clients an alternative to more invasive treatments for various skin concerns.
And it give natural results. Our doctors work in harmony with our clients existing facial features and their desires to create a multi-modal treatment plan customized to each individual to give natural looking results. NeoGen forms part of that multi-modal approach working holistically with other treatments to ensure our clients see optimum results.

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