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The New Season Hairstyles That Anyone Can Master

Photo: Domen/Ven De Velde

No more unwashed buns; it’s finally time to drop the dry shampoo. Spring 2021 showed off looks inspired by making the most of natural hair, thanks to a little extra oompf with your favorite thermal styling tool.  Those feeling a little rusty with their hairdryer can take these time-friendly shortcuts, with Dyson’s ambassadors giving their expert advice on how to make impressive styling simple.

Jen Atkin on natural textures

Joan Smalls. Photo: Getty Images

“After months in quarantine allowing hair to run free, we are emerging from lockdown with long, beautifully undone locks. Now we seek to enhance this natural texture, the ‘I woke up like this’ look – an effortless, natural, organic style with loose, unstructured movement. Of course, not all of us are blessed with a hair type that will air dry to the perfect undone look, so need a little help. The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer with diffuser attachment is engineered to define curls and waves. The longer prongs reach deep into the hair to disperse air around the hair more evenly, simulating natural drying. For finer or straighter hair types where a natural curl pattern isn’t present, I recommend preparing with a waves spray before bending two-inch sections back and forth into an accordion pattern and placing into the diffuser. Use medium heat and low airflow to avoid disturbing the hair and causing unnecessary flyaways.”

Sunwoo Kim on the return of grunge layers

Alexander Wang. Photo: Sonny Vandevelde

“I foresee refined grunge making a comeback – bluntly cut, sleek layers framing the face. A chic spin on the minimal, effortless hair popularized by the grunge fashion of the late 90s and early 00s. It’s a bold, versatile and low maintenance look. A textured hairstyle moves dynamically, creating an effortlessly cool look in photos or videos. The Dyson Airwrap styler is my go-to for achieving the messy, tousled texture of this look. After rough drying, go in with the larger 40mm barrels, styling sections at random around the head, whilst avoiding the fringe. Once the curls have cooled, run fingers through the lengths and allow the curls to drop for 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, disturb the style with a shake up with my hands and spritzing of texture spray throughout.”

Matthew Collins on 90s-inspo space buns

“Picking up speed in 2021, the 90s will continue to see a major resurgence. Expect styles with attitude as people become braver, experimenting with updos and hair accessories as a way to express their identity. The HBO show Euphoria has had a major impact on the trend of retro updos this year. As people break free from lockdowns, cool updos see people express a bold sense of style without a major cut or color change. Small, tight 90s’ inspired space buns with a centre part and straight highlighted ‘bold money pieces’ framing the face will be the look of the year. To achieve this style, start by parting the hair into a perfect centre parting before straightening with the Dyson Corrale straightener. Using a pin tail comb helps to achieve the precise line of the centre parting. Next, gather the hair into pigtails on either side of the head, leaving out small sections to frame the face, whilst combing the gathered hair to neaten any bunching or flyaways. Twist each pigtail around the base of the pigtail to achieve a bun on either side of the head. Fix in place with elastics and pins. Finally, straighten the front sections, bending towards the face.”

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