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This New Celebrity Hairdresser Haircare Launch Will Help Fight Summer Frizz

Known for his signature cuts and high profile client list, Italian celebrity hairdresser Rossano Ferretti has teamed up with makeup house Kiko Milano to create an all new collection of vegan haircare and styling products.

Kiko Milano

Photo: Courtesy Kiko Milano

The Kiko Milano Haircare by Rossano Ferretti launch ranges from nourishing shampoo and conditioner infused with hyaluronic acid and Italian walnut extract, to anti-frizz styling products that the celebrity hairdresser promises with help tame flyaways in even the most humid weather conditions.

Vogue Arabia spoke exclusively to Rossano Ferretti to discover his favorite product from the new Kiko Milano Haircare by Rossano Ferretti collection, and why the celebrity hairdresser chose to collaborate with the Italian beauty brand.

Kiko Milano

Photo: Courtesy Kiki Milano

Talk us through the Kiko Milano Haircare by Rossano Ferretti range

I’m proud to say that there are five brand new products: The Nourish & Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask, the Anti-Frizz Styling Spray and the Hair Repair Serum. I worked closely with their teams to discover the perfect formula for their client base – who are passionate about vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free and natural origin ingredients.

What was your vision going into this collaboration? What kind of collection did you want to create?

Over the years I have been offered many partnerships, but this is the first time I have accepted a collaboration of this nature because I believe that Kiko’s vision for the future is powerful and they have the drive and passion to really make their mark in the hair industry. They are already the largest growing beauty cosmetics brand in the world and so going in to the hair care world was a natural step for them. Going into this collaboration with Kiko Milano, my vision was to make high-quality hair care accessible to a wider audience. Together we aimed to create a line that embodies the essence of results-driven hair care, leveraging my 30 plus years’ expertise in the field, and making beautiful hair attainable for the Kiko customer-base. The goal was to craft a range of products that cater to the fundamental needs of hair health and beauty, ensuring that everyone can experience the joy and confidence of having well-cared-for hair.

Kiko Milano

Photo: Courtesy Kiki Milano

What is your favorite product from the collection? Can you share some tips on how to use it?

I love a good hair mask on my clients because I believe it creates the perfect canvas for styling. Without healthy hair as your starting base you can make styling a difficult process. I always advise to apply a small amount first, concentrate on the lengths and ends of hair only and don’t forget to comb through for even distribution.

How do you anticipate Arab women specifically using the products?

From my years of experience working with clients in the UAE, I anticipate that Arab women will appreciate the versatility and depth of the Kiko Haircare line, which offers solutions for hydration, strength, and shine, aligning with their hair care rituals that are deeply rooted in tradition and modernity alike.

How do you envision the Kiko Milano woman? What is her attitude, her energy?

Bold, confident, unapologetically herself but with a kind and sensitive attitude.

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