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This New Female-Founded Candle Brand Evokes the Scents of Emirati Culture

Vogue Arabia, April 2022. Photo: Ankita Chandra

Founded by Alyazi Almheiri, a 19-year-old economics student at the University of Birmingham, From The Arabs is a brand of aromatic candles infused with the scents of Emirati culture. “I wanted the world to know Emirati scents from its people,” states the young entrepreneur, who hails from Dubai. The fragrance brand draws inspiration from Almheiri’s grandmother, who was a perfumer in the 80s, and laces together Emirati bukhoor scents with a modern twist.

Alyazi Almheiri. Photo: Courtesy of From the Arabs

From The Arabs launched following an extensive and rigorous development of fragrances and debuted at Dubai Design Week Marketplace in 2020. The aim, Almheiri explains, is to combine culture with modernity. “It’s all about culture. When you learn about us, you learn about Emirati culture, each scent pays homage to our heritage,” offers Almheiri. Scents include Fil, which is obtained from the Arabian jasmine flower known for its use in local wedding celebrations, and L’ban, which is gathered from Arabic gum familiar for purifying local homes. The use of clay pots for the candles instead of the usual glass also studies Arab tradition of using clay water pots called matka or matla. Almheiri observes that in Emirati culture, clay is a key element in the cooking process, as well as terracotta watering jugs.


What makes From The Arabs unique is that all the items are produced in-house, with locally sourced raw materials. Even the terracotta clay pots are hand-made from scratch at From The Arabs’ production facility in Fujairah. The brand has also joined the sustainability movement by using ethically sourced materials, reusable pots, and recyclable packaging and tags. Each candle is hand-wrapped in dried palm tree leaves, further enhancing the feel of Emirati culture. “We believe in the long term,” says the founder of its sustainable contributions.

The future of From The Arabs includes an upcoming collection dedicated to the Holy Month of Ramadan, which will be inspired by Emirati coastal heritage. Aside from deepening its roots, From The Arabs has a vision of becoming global. “Our goal is to diffuse Emirati flavors into modern perfumery around the world, expanding From The Arabs to the global market, simultaneously spreading local culture,” Almheiri shares.

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Originally published in the April 2022 issue of Vogue Arabia

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