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This Brand is Aiming to Empower Women to Embrace Their Age in the Digital Spotlight

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“If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?” Many grapple with this age-old question promising infinite possibilities if only they had a time machine or a magic lamp to assist them. But, as these successful Middle Eastern women have come to learn, it’s not always about the age you are, but about the age you act. 

In a special campaign with Neutrogena in honor of its recent Cellular Boost range, Vogue Arabia sat down with three regional influencers to discuss the rising focus on female empowerment, what factors are detrimental to their skin, and, naturally, the life tips they would give their younger selves.  

“I think as you grow older, you learn how to take care of your health and self rather than worrying what other people think of you,” explained Kuwaiti beauty star Bibi Abdulmohsen

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Although that may be easier said than done now that juggling a career, a personal life, and overall mental wellbeing under the glaring digital spotlight of social media is the reality of the 21st-century society. 

“I do believe that definitely stress is the disease of the century,” said Emirati journalist Mahira Abdelaziz. “I believe everyone is stressed; I think younger people are getting more stressed than previous generations.”

Hala Kazim, Bibi Abdulmohsen, and Mahira Abdelaziz

From Left: Hala Kazim, Bibi Abdulmohsen, and Mahira Abdelaziz. Photographed by Tareck Raffoul for Vogue Arabia July/August 2019

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Because this stress — combined with increasing UV exposure and pollution — may lead to cellular burnout and premature aging, taking care of your skin has never held as much importance as it does now. Neutrogena aims to combat this degradation at a cellular level and slow visible signs of aging with a four-product range designed to holistically renew your skin with specially curated de-aging ingredients. From hexinol stopping damage in its tracks before it physically manifests and retinol restoring the skin to its natural splendor to vitamin C battling the impact of harsh UV rays and hyaluronic acid hydrating the skin every step of the way, the Cellular Boost line aims to nurture the youthful energy each of us feel within and bring it to the surface.  

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“You know if you look at it, if we don’t eat right, it affects our body,” mused Emirati author, counselor, and life coach Hala Kazim. “If we don’t think right or think negatively, it affects our mental health and emotional health…We have to think of all these aspects to learn to take care of our skin because it’s all together.”

While Arab women continue to become more empowered to chase their dreams, lead a successful professional life, and accomplish their personal goals, it’s time to also empower them to proudly embrace their age while living the age they feel inside without fear.

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