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Guided Meditation Makes this Spa Treatment One of a Kind

Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm

The relaxation area at the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm

Switching off. It’s a skill not many of us have. Even when we find ourselves at the spa. Luckily Neom Organics are here to change this. Beginning the journey by smelling four different aromatherapy infusions, you choose which you are most attracted to. Unlike conventional spa treatments, you aren’t told the ingredients. Instead, you follow your instincts. Sleep, de-stress, energize and happiness are the four key subjects. Each working with different techniques to achieve a level of equilibrium.

Lying down on the massage bed, you are led into a state of peace with meditation. Following the voice of your guide, this effective method stops your mind wandering and ensures you relax into the treatment from the get-go. Working with breathing techniques and reflexology, every move is performed with a purpose. Trigger point and deep tissue work meet shiatsu, cranio, and Thai massage, offered in a variety of pressures depending on your treatment.

Working with the purest of essential oils, each of the blends help to induce one of the four subjects. English lavender, sweet basil, and jasmine look to sleep, whilst grapefruit, lemon, and rosemary assist in energizing the mind, body, and soul. For the latter and happiness routines, you are also treated to a body scrub to help invigorate the senses and buff skin from head-to-toe. The de-stress and sleep, however, look to the iconic Neom intensive skin treatment candle, where warm oil is massaged over the skin to relieve points of stress.

Neom Wellbeing Treatments start at US175 or AED/SAR650 for 60mins and US215 or AED/SAR799 for 90mins and are available at The Waldorf Astoria Dubai 


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