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How to Embrace (and Style) Your Natural Hair with Dyson Hairstylist Natalie Kasses

Natalie Kasses, Dyson

Creative director of Pastels Salon and Dyson’s styling ambassador in the Middle East Natalie Kasses demonstrates how to style your natural tresses in this exclusive tutorial. Courtesy of Dyson

While many of us often complain that bad hair days outnumber the good, that may be because we are not using the proper products to style our naturally-given mane. With an abundance of cremes, sprays, and styling tools out there, the number of haircare options can be overwhelming and it’s hard to decipher where to even start. Enter the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, a cult-favorite tool that is quickly redefining what it means to do it all.

Engineered to suit all hair types from tightly-packed curls to silky straight strands, this high-pressure dryer comes with multiple attachments catered towards all your different styling needs. Whether you snap on the styling concentrator for a super-sleek gloss or the diffuser nozzle for a tousled beach wave effect, the end result is always soft and shiny locks. Heat is one of the biggest causes of irreversible hair damage, which is why the Supersonic is equipped with three heat settings and intelligent heat control testing the dryer’s temperature 40 times per second so that it’s impossible to burn your hair—no heat protectant products needed. Working on pure airflow with an ultra-quiet motor six times faster than any other dryer, this must-have tool guarantees quick-drying and precision styling for an organic everyday look rivaling a blowdry fresh from the salon.

There is no one better to illustrate the Supersonic’s all-encompassing capabilities than Dyson’s styling ambassador in the Middle East, Natalie Kasses. The creative director of Dubai-based Pastels Salon was joined by presenter Enjy Kiwan at the virtual Vogue Future Beauty Festival last month to demonstrate the ease of styling any hair type with this “life-changing” beauty tool that even newbies can recreate in less than 15 minutes.

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Watch the video above and follow the tutorials below as Kasses walks us through the effortless way to champion your natural tresses and achieve a picture-perfect look with the Dyson Supersonic in just a few simple steps.

Tips for drying naturally straight hair

Step 1

Begin by blow-drying your hair smooth with the styling concentrator attachment because it’s a thinner nozzle and gives you a more directional blowdry. Set the Supersonic to high velocity and high heat if your hair isn’t colored—medium heat if it is—and then point the blowdryer downwards, slowly following the path of the brush with each section of hair.

Step 2

While your brush is still in your hair, go over once again the parts you want a bit more movement, such as bangs, with the cool shot button pressed to set your hair into place and prevent it from becoming frizzy. After you’re done drying your entire head, you can choose if you want to put any serums depending on your hair type. If your hair is quite oily, there’s no need to add a serum. If you want a bit of extra shine, you can add it even on day two to keep any frizzy bits down.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer comes with multiple attachments catered towards all your different styling needs. Photo courtesy of Dyson

Tips for drying naturally curly hair

Step 1

When you’re in the shower, comb through your hair while the conditioner is still on it. When you exit the shower, don’t comb or brush your hair, gently scrunch in a really light curling creme, and add a few spritzes of a sea salt spray.

Step 2

Set the Supersonic on either high or medium heat and low velocity with the diffusing nozzle attached. The key is not to disturb the curls, so dry the hair with round movements on the low-speed setting following the direction down towards the cuticles—not up against them in a lifting motion or it’ll become frizzy. Pro tip: don’t flip your head upside down while drying; keep it upright to avoid getting curls pointing in various directions.

Step 3

Since the region is so hot and humid, it’s a good idea to go over your hair with the cool shot setting once your hair is 100 percent dry to set your hair into place. Day two curls are often the best curls so to make the most of them, wet your hair in the shower, avoid combing or brushing it, put more of the aforementioned products in, dry it again with the diffuser, and you’ll get a beautiful wave.

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