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Supercharge your Natural Beauty Routine with These Products

Cosmetics start where DIY end – and that’s especially true with natural beauty, where companies have been supercharging what’s in your garden and on your kitchen table. If you’re looking for all the benefits of nature without any of the peeling, mashing and mess that DIY skin hacks can often involve, read on for the best in natural beauty products. Bonus: all of these products are available in the UAE either in-store or online.


Courtesy of Scrub Love

Soothing and hydrating, aloe vera – whether straight from the plant or in a cosmetics tube – is an ingredient you need on your bathroom counter this summer. This Scrub Love product folds the natural benefits of aloe with purifying charcoal and moisturizing avocado into a scrub that gives you skin that’s matte, but not dry: a summer essential.

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Vitamin C

Courtesy of Clinique

Instead of rubbing a lemon on your face to treat dull, discolored skin, use a Vitamin C serum to get all the benefits of this skin food without having to suffer through rashy, reactive skin. This Clinique duo promises younger, smoother skin in as little as seven days and features ultra-hydrating Vitamin C as its star ingredient.

Find it here.


Courtesy of Briogeo

We all know how great avocado is for your skin. Avocado’s naturally occurring fatty acids are great at moisturizing and protecting even the thinnest areas of your face. But it’s also just as good for your hair and Curl Charisma’s avocado-powered hair line proves it. Their patented frizz control gel tames even the unruliest flyaways and locks moisture into every strand – an essential for perfectly coiffed curls this summer.

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Courtesy of Skinfood

Honey is great in any DIY face mask– even just by itself. Its antibacterial, hydrating properties have seen it help heal many a breakout. But Black Sugar’s exfoliating mask, which pairs powerhouse ingredient honey with moisturizing black sugar, supercharges the kitchen staple.

Find it here.


Courtesy of Erborian

Panda-tested, panda-approved bamboo is finally finding its way into our skincare. Bamboo extract is rich in antioxidants, and visibly lifts and brightens dull, dehydrated skin. The complex can actually strengthen skin, too, making it perfect for those suffering from acne. We’re clicking ‘Add To Cart’ on this bamboo-infused Séve de Bamboo eye gel, which lightens, brightens and reduces signs of tiredness around the eyes.

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Courtesy of Origins

Possibly the trendiest skincare product to hit the market, this Origins ginger and kombucha clay mask makes natural beauty mainstream. Ginger root nourishes, conditions, and restores the balance to skin while kombucha and clay detoxify for comfortably clean, glowing skin.

Find it here.

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