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Natasha Denona is Launching Exclusively at Sephora

Courtesy of Natasha Denona

Makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur Natasha Denona is a name you need to know. From creating some iconic looks of the covers of the worlds best titles to working with celebrities like Bar Refaeli and Gal Gadot, she is most well known for her makeup like. Amassing a cult following for her high impact eyeshadow palettes and glow products, her line finally arrives to the region.

Natasha Denona. Photo: Supplied

1. What drew you to the world of beauty?

The moment when I applied makeup for the first time.

I was dancing as a teenager and I had to prepare myself for the first dance performance. We had to do our own makeup and I discovered how fun it was to do it.

2. How did you become a makeup artist?

After years of dancing, I also started modeling when I was 18.  During my modeling years I did my makeup many times for fashion shows. It was the 90’s and in the 90’s models were often required to do their own makeup. So, I gathered a lot of experience during those years.
After my first child, I decided that I wanted to study interior design. However, my husband suggested to me and ended up convincing me to pursue a career as a makeup artist. He always said I was very talented in this. Once I’ve decided to start studying makeup, I fell in love with  the idea and did the maximum effort, investing everything to become the best in this field of fashion and beauty.

Courtesy of Natasha Denona

3. Can you remember the first beauty product you really loved?

Let me think… Yes! I remember that my mom had a cool toned blue eyeshadow from Estée Lauder from the 70’s and it had a high quality packaging with a kind of brushed metal component. I liked it very much. I used it for my stage performances, and when I started developing products it was the inspiration for a shade in my first large eyeshadow palette, the “Eyeshadow palette 28”.

4. Do you still use it today?

No, it’s old! And is such a long time ago. I don’t wear blue cool tone eyeshadows on myself anymore. I was a teenager and this is what I love and I didn’t know much about it so this is what I used, today I know what’s good on me.

5. Why did you decide to launch your own makeup line?

Because I felt that the products that I envisioned, the products that I would have wanted as both, a makeup artist, and a makeup lover were not available in the market. This made me very curious about trying to develop these ideas for products. My list of new ideas grew from year to year until a certain point that I went to work in a lab with a chemist to bring these new products to life and it turned out to be great! So, we decided to continue and to expand the collection to a whole makeup line.

Courtesy of Natasha Denona

6. What is the ethos behind the line?

Professional makeup with high quality ingredients & formulas without compromise, strong color payoff, and at the same time user-friendly for every woman. And of course, also healthy for the skin.

7. What sets your line apart from others?

The high quality & my personal involvement in the development of every single formula.

I am the person behind the brand and I do all my products for my consumers. I really go into depth of being inspired by their needs, by giving them the best quality possible, not only in the ingredients and the raw materials, but also in the development of the formulas, which means 100% dedication for each and every single shade of every product that I produce. Also, I create every product that is based on the idea of a professional tecniche and method that I practised as a makeup artist, making life easier for all women that are not professional by teaching the system of how to use my products.

Courtesy of Natasha Denona

8. How do you ensure that your products and formulas stay high quality?

By developing the products myself physically in the lab.

I know exactly which raw material is in every product, I know all my suppliers personally, and I always stay informed about the newest innovations. It is part of my character to be experimental, otherwise I get bored from doing the same thing.

9. What is your top tip for applying eyeshadow?

Apply matte eyeshadows with dense brushes & metallic formulas with your finger in order to achieve the best payoff and most professional application.

10. What is your go-to party look?

My go-to party look ? Smokey eyes & crystalline sparkling lids with glowing cheeks and a nude lipstick !

Courtesy of Natasha Denona

Natasha Denona is available exclusively at Sephora Middle East,, and

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