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This Online Skin Business Is Changing the Face of Beauty in the UAE

Vogue Arabia, November 2019. Photo: Fernando Gomez

Although the beauty industry is ever-changing, skin clinics in the UAE have remained a mainstay. It may be hard to walk to your favorite clinic (especially come summer), but what if the perfect spots were at your fingertips? Online skin clinic is the first of its kind in the MENA region, offering personalized skincare advice to visitors using the knowledge of certified skin therapists. Co-founder and skin therapist Amnica Kjellman shares her insights into the company, and how it’s changing the skin business throughout the Emirates.

Kjellman explains, “At Nadara, you can connect easily with a skin therapist to help you with any skin-related questions that you may have.” The concept behind the company is the “simplifying the reach to professionals that can help you in your skin journey.” Within the set-up of Nadara are Nayla Lahoud, the e-shop merchandiser and creative mind of the company, and Zeina El Saadi, the engineer who manages operations and orders. “I am, above all, involved in Nadara as a brand and its concept, as well as which professional brands we will offer,” the co founder explains.


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Nadara’s team of leading women and CIDESCO-trained skin therapists wanted to create a platform for customers that allows them to connect at any time and receive unbiased advice regarding their skin type, skin concerns, or even which skincare products are best suited for them. While the concept may be new, the idea, once you give it a thought, sounds like something beauty enthusiasts have been in search of for decades now. Kjellman elaborates that via Nadara, customers can reach out “through multiple ways including call, WhatsApp, or directly from with no prior scheduling.” Translating from Arabic to mean “youthfulness, freshness, and radiance”, the platform aims to “tear down the walls between the customer and the professionals” by helping “people get to know their skin and get better skin confidence.” The in-depth process also includes a Nadara Skin Test, a series of 12 questions that each customer must answer so that Nadara’s online therapists can analyze and narrow down a skincare routine tailored to the customer to help them achieve their skin goals.

Team Nadara. Photo: Courtesy Nadara

Brands that the company stocks include IS Clinical, Obagi, Dermalogica and Grown Alchemist, which can all be purchased through the website’s e-commerce shop. Kjellman chooses her preferred products for the portal, mentioning that “my favorite serum is the IS Clinical GeneXC Serum, a super antioxidant-rich serum for all skin types providing extra hydration for dewy, healthy skin complexion.”

According to Amnica Kjellman, some of the most common skin concerns Nadara skin therapists come across include hyperpigmentation and dark circles. “Women in their twenties are more concerned with shrinking pores and refining skin texture,” she explains, whereas women in their forties and fifties prefer to “target fine lines and wrinkles.” Before you dive in to the world of Nadara, discover her top three rules to flawless skin.

Nadara’s 3 skincare musts:

1. Exfoliate: Pick the right acid, there are many types of acids (AHA, BHA, Glycolic Acid…). It’s important to choose one suitable for your skin type.

2. Treat: Use serums to target your skin condition and treat in depth.

3. Protect: This is one of the most important steps within your routine, especially since skin is exposed daily to UV, radiation, and HEV lights which can cause premature aging, noticeable with dark spots and wrinkles. SPF should be a non-negotiable part of your skincare routine. Not only does it protect, but it is a great preventative measure.

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