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Beauty Pro Myriam Keramane’s Ultimate Guide to Frizz-Free Hair This Summer


Myriam Keramane, founder of Myriam.K Paris, is a name to know in the haircare universe. But believe it or not, the beauty entrepreneur didn’t always plan to enter this industry. “I was a law student who did not see a future in the beauty industry,” she tells Vogue Arabia. “My mother had opened her hair salon and I would help her on weekends – that’s how I fell in love with the profession and decided to pursue a career in haircare. I opened several hair salons and found my clients loved specialized treatments, transformations, colors and hair extensions.”

It was these experiences that eventually exposed Keramane to the keratin hair treatment, which had her jet setting to Brazil to come up with a special formula that would work for the stringent requirements of the EU. Now, with her keratin creation in more than 20,000, the Arab mogul is focusing on the needs of Arabic hair—with summer frizz being at the top of her list of must-tackle issues.


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Below, Myriam Keramane reveals her favorite hair hacks—and products—for the balmy summer…

How do you tell customers to manage their hair in the summer heat?

Always protect your hair before stepping out in the sun. It is important to protect your hair before going to the swimming pool or the beach as it is a well-known fact that sea water and chlorine water will dry out your hair. The Brazilian Oil from Myriam.K Paris that has UVA and UVB filters with Babassou and Pracaxi oils [is a must]. These Brazilian oils from the Amazon will protect your hair from the sun and the harmful water of the pool and beach, and will deeply moisturize the follicle. They also protect keratin and protein treatments.

What are your 5 top tips to combat summer frizz?

1. Start with a good haircut to remove dead ends.

2. Don’t forget to moisturize your hair with leave-in oils.

3. Wash your hair with cold water.

4. Never forget to use masks that will nourish and moisturize your hair.

5. Use heat protectors before using hot tools. The “Lys Extrem” heat protector will help you protect your hair and stop summer frizz!

What is the most common myth about summer frizz?

The most common myth about summer frizz is [the idea that you shouldn’t be] washing your hair every day! This is for me a huge myth, as it’s important to wash your hair every day, especially during the summer. With outings, activities, sun, salt water from the sea and chlorine from pools, hair gets damaged and it is important to cleanse it well on a daily basis. It is even more important to use a sun protection range during summer. The “After Sun” range from Myriam.K Paris is perfect for this, and it smells so good! The shampoo will help you to remove pollutants and combat the damage from external aggressors such as winds, intense sunlight, chlorinated or sea water while providing with protection, so hair doesn’t become dry or suffer from breakage.

Can you tell us one major mistake we’re all making while trying to keep our hair frizz-free during the summer?

Putting oil that doesn’t contain any UV protection under the sun is the major mistake.

What are your favorite Myriam.K Paris products? 

Detoxifying hair oil: I get stressed very easily and have psoriasis. The detoxifying oil is a natural solution where 97% of the ingredients are of natural origin. It is a natural solution for dandruff, itchy scalps etc.

Power mask: A professional treatment and one of my must-haves, this product is a blessing to have and to be able to use at home, as it brings professional, salon-style results to you in the comfort of your home. I can’t live without it! I get highlights all the time so I have brittle and dry hair, and thanks to the plex technology, the Power Mask helps me get and maintain healthy, hydrated and shiny hair.

Love gummies: In the course of my career, I have realized to have healthy hair, it is important to treat it from within, by taking the necessary supplements, and from the outside with the help of shampoos and masks. The advantage of the Love Gummies from Myriam.K Paris is that they are Vegan, Halal, Gluten Free, without artificial colors. They are really good for the hair, skin and nails, with a high biotine concentration. The advantage of taking them in gummies instead of pills is that thanks to the gummies you’ll have the vitamins directly released into the body because they release vitamins in the quickest way compared to the pill format.

Name 3 products our readers should be buying for this summer.

The “Lys Extrem” shampoo from Myriam.K Paris: The Lys Extrem Shampoo melts instantly into the hair, softening and relaxing it along its entire length. Thanks to its nourishing and straightening properties, the hair becomes more easier to manage. This very particular composition, with natural and plant-based active ingredients, helps to repair the hair fibre from within, providing a long-lasting shine. Your hair is smooth with a prolonged anti-frizz effect.

The “Lys Extrem” Mask from Myriam.K Paris: This mask from Myriam K’s Lys Extrem series is specifically formulated to amplify the benefits of the shampoo from the same range. Additionally nourishing, softening and smoothing the hair, it enhances shine and adds a sublime fluidity to the hair without weighing it down.

The “Brazilian Oil” from Myriam.K Paris: Famous for their powerful hair restructuring properties, Babassu and Pracaxi oils bring shine and vigor to damaged and sensitive hair. These Brazilian Oils will protect your hair when under the sun, thanks to their added UV protection. Water resistant, the oil forms a barrier around the hair, making it protective of the follicle when exposed to pool and salt water. It’s the perfect solution to protect your Brazilian blowout when you’re on holidays.

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