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Myriam Badault Talks 50 Years of Diptyque

Myriam Badault, Diptyque

Myriam Badault. Courtesy of Diptyque.

At the helm of Diptyque since 2006, director of marketing and product creation Myriam Badault has been the driving force behind some of the brands most iconic scents. Celebrating 50 years of Diptyque, two new fragrances join the collection- Tempo and Fleur de Peau. Badault unveils how the Parisian brand has remained at the top of its game for over five decades, and what to expect from its latest creations.

What initially drew you to work with Diptyque?

I have been a fan of the brand since the 90’s. My first candle was Musc and my first perfume Eau Lente. I have always been working in product creation for perfume brands, and Diptyque’s universe is one of the most iconic and thoughtful creations of the past 50 years. When I learned that they wanted to enlarge their creative team in 2006, I deeply felt I could be part of it!

In your words what is the story of Diptyque?

Friendship, arts, encounters, bottling a memory.

How has it remained such an iconic brand over the past five decades?

It is such an iconic brand because it tells true stories, with simplicity and crafts, that talks to each of us. It is about emotion and sensation. Diptyque has also always been very innovative and edgy: the first scented candle, first non-gender specific fragrance, first fig tree scent, first scented hourglass. The first niche brand. And it is about freedom, freedom to choose your perfume, and the freedom to create.

What is your initial step when creating a new product?

It is like a puzzle. I gather objects, pictures, scent, and books in a box. They are like clues. And at a certain point, I re-open the box and all those elements are composing my story, they are like living notebooks.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everything! Nature and ingredients, foods, artist exhibits, the artists I work with, discussion, travel. I sincerely feel and think that we are surrounded by very inspiring details, it is just the way you look at things that will make it happen or not.


50th-anniversary collection. Courtesy of Diptyque.

Do you have a favorite collection you have worked on?

It is a difficult question. 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, because it is the scented soul of our brand. Fleur de Peau, because it is almost a bespoke scent for me.

Can you tell us about the 50th-anniversary collection?

The idea was to do a travel in time, and pay tribute to iconic ingredients of the 60’s; patchouli and musk. Musk is a must have in the collection and was requested by our customer. We did it our way, with a wonderful blend of iris and ambrette seeds. Our ambition with the patchouli is to convert people and make them love patchouli!

Why did you decide on two new scents?

We didn’t really plan it. But we were working on both of them, and the name of the brand is Diptyque, isn’t it?

What has been your highlight over the past 10 years of working for Diptyque?

Innovative projects such as the Hourglass and 34 Boulevard Saint Germain and our exclusive Bazar collection which allows me to work with incredible craftsman and workshops.

What does the future look like for Diptyque?

Colors and scents.

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