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The Best Moisturizing Lip Balms to Beat the Summer Heat

Dry, chapped lips can become all too familiar during the summer months. As the heat is on the rise, the thin skin on your lips can become dehydrated due to the lips having no pores meaning no sweat or oil glands are available to keep them hydrated. To avoid this you’ll need to invest in a formula that offers a host of different benefits, whilst locking in moisture. It is advised to exfoliate lips twice a week to help cleanse the skin but when it comes to moisturizing you should be applying a lip balm every two to three hours. When using a balm it’s best to outline your lips from the corners to the top of your pout. This ensures they are completely covered including the lip line. Get ready for a full silky pout in no time.

Holding Image: Photographer Angelo D’Agostino 

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