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These 7 Model Skin Tricks for Tired Eyes are Better Than Concealer


Cara Delevigne for Balmain Spring 2019. Indigital

For models, there’s tired—an early call time here, a fabulous after-party that runs into the wee hours of the night there—and then there’s end-of-fashion-month tired.

The culmination of Paris Fashion Week marked the end of a 27-day marathon of straight-off-the-plane, back-to-back shows, fittings, and events, that leave little, if any, time for a good night’s sleep. And for runway regulars whose job it is to arrive fresh-faced and glowing, an arsenal of expert tricks are necessary to camouflage signs of exhaustion in the delicate, telltale area.

From Cara Delevingne, fresh off her return to the runway, to Duckie Thot, here top models reveal their secret weapons for staying bright-eyed against all odds—or just looking like it.

Cara Delevingne
“I love this silver Gravitymud Firming Treatment Val [Garland] used under my eyes today. It’s just good for looking after your skin all over too, you know? Traveling a lot and going through different time zones. I just came from L.A. and I’m jet-lagged, so everything needs a little extra attention.”

Duckie Thot
“With early call times, I usually down a whole bottle of water first. Next, I hit the espresso if I’m in Europe. And then I use Clear Eyes drops to look more awake. For my face, I use Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care Moisturizer. It keeps it fresh and super glow-y all over!”

Natasha Poly
“My advice the night before—because that’s where it all starts—is no sushi with soy sauce! It gives you the worst puffy eyes. In the morning, after I brush my teeth, I use a jade roller over the under eye area. I do a facial massage with it. It’s super cold and icy. It feels good and makes a huge difference with the eyes. I also like the Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask—it makes everything more plumped.”

Indira Scott
“It’s a whole little situation. [Laughs]. I do a five-to-10-minute meditation in the morning and sun salutations if I can. I light candles, incense, and listen to brainwave power music. You can find it on YouTube, there are a whole plethora of options. Then, it’s either cucumbers or cold spoons for the eyes. They’re the best. Also, I drink a lot of coconut water!”

Georgia May Jagger
Tracie Martyn is my favorite facialist and I love her products! Her Lotusculpt Quick Fix Eye Pads are my go-to in the morning for dark circles. I just throw them in my purse.”

“Sometimes, if I don’t have anything with me, I’ll grab a green or chamomile tea bag, then either dip it in warm water or put it in the fridge and make it nice and cool. I put it on the eyes and let it chill for a little bit. I do it at shows at lot. [Laughs]. It’s like I’m crying tears of herbal tea.”

Magdalena Frackowiak
“The best thing is to [glide] an ice cube under the eyes. And then just go around the rest of your face so your circulation improves. It’s great for puffiness. Also, drink a lot of water with lemon juice in the morning because it alkalizes the blood!”

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