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‘Model Cheekbones’ Is a Contouring Trend Taking Off on TikTok, and It Actually Works


We’re all familiar with the art of contouring (whether we can actually do it well ourselves is another thing) and how artists are able to create envious bone structure – even if you weren’t born with it – thanks a sprinkle of makeup trickery.

Well, according to TikTok we’ve been doing it all wrong because there’s a new hack in town and it’s called ‘model cheekbones’ – and no, you probably haven’t painted your face like this before.

It was TikToker @sarahssuperspa who showed her followers this genius new hack first.

@sarahssuperspa Replying to @Kim 👈🏼 explanation video sorry this took so long!! Here’s a visual of what I was talking about ❤️❤️ this is for people who want hollow cheeks, sculpted and pronounced cheekbones, and a dainty v shaped jaw 🙈 #bellahadid #modelmakeup #contourhack #contourtutorial #cheekbones ♬ original sound – Sarah’s Super Spa 💅🏼🧖🏼‍♀️

In the video she says: “So the way that we’re taught, which is kind of ineffective is to place your contour really high up and blend that either upwards on in place, clean that up with concealer and then bake underneath.” The beauty influencer goes on: “But the way we should actually maybe be doing it is placing the contour under the cheekbone, then placing it right here at the side of the jaw, pat the cheekbone bit into place and then downwards so it creates a shadow underneath the cheekbone, blend this area outwards so that it creates a shadow in the buccal fat area, then blend the jaw area inwards so that it creates a shadow making it look like a V-shaped jawline.”

“Now add some highlighter or concealer above where you place your contour to make the cheekbone area pop and if you want you can add some powder to lighten the area further… here’s the comparison between the two. Let me know what you think.”

The video, which has gathered over 700 comments, saw fans quickly hailing the hack. One wrote: “That’s how we used to do it, I don’t know who came up with putting it where your blush is supposed to go.”

Another said: “YES!! IDK why people contour over the peak of their cheekbones…. Also thank you for using an actual contour shade and not a warm bronzer shade.”

TikToker @melisekrem decided to try out the hack, with her “how to: model cheekbones contour” video which told fans “Don’t do this” alongside a clip of her using a contour stick to draw a line along the cheekbone, ie. the way we have ALWAYS done it. Instead she creates a curved line lower down then shadows another along the jawline, blending in with a brush, creating a more realistic-looking cheekbone.

The video, which has already amassed over 3.7m views in less than a week, saw mixed feedback in the comments. One wrote: “Step 1: have model cheekbones already.” Another said, “Yeah it works in pics, but not IRL.”

Another added: “I’m so confused why everyone is doing this. I’m a PMA and this is a technique we use to define men bone structure. Odd.”

Others, however, were thrilled to find a new hack. One wrote: “I tried this and 🥰🥰🥰”. Another said: “Brilliant now I can be a model too.”

Other beauty TikTokers were quick to post their versions of the supermodel cheekbone hack. @Emmarie_lane told her fans: “Ok model cheekbones are gorgeous but I don’t have them – I’m OK not having them but I’ve always wanted to try this kind of hack to see if a more round face can do it. That doesn’t look like it’s for me but let’s try it.”

After drawing them on, at first she seems unconvinced, but then reveals. “It doesn’t give me model cheekbones and I need to blend it out better but..I kind of like it on this side…this side looks really lifted.”

Maybe this is the contouring hack we were all waiting for.

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