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ModBeautyKeeper Pledges 100% Sales in June to #BlackLivesMatter


Founder and CEO of ModBeautyKeeper, Nandi Barker. Courtesy of ModBeautyKeeper

It is no secret that the beauty community has been standing up and supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement across the globe. Tired of the injustice shown to people of color, they are taking action by educating their customers and pledging money to platforms that support the fight. One such company is ModBeautyKeeper, who is pledging 100% of its sales in June to #BlackLivesMatter. “My heart aches for my community. The social injustice that we face as black Americans is inexcusable. This is the time where black lives need to remain the centerpiece of discussion and the time that they need our support. As a company, we encourage diversity and we stand in solidarity with those unfairly arrested during the protest” says Nandi Barker, Founder, and CEO of ModBeautyKeeper.


Courtesy of ModBeautyKeeper

Barker who is originally from New York but based in Dubai will use the money raised to support The National Bail Fund Network in New York. The group work to offer aid to those who have been unfairly arrested in the Black Lives Matter protests. For many bails can cost thousands of dollars meaning they can often not afford their freedom. To support you can invest in one of ModBeautyKeeper’s innovative tools that were created especially for those who wear hijabs, to protect the material when applying makeup. Or ModBeautyKeeper also encourages you to visit The National Bail Fund Network to donate directly.

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